Saturday, 18 February 2012

Weekends Now

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So apparently weekends work differently when you have two people working. We’ve never had the both of us working before, in our entire marriage. Crazy huh?

Now we do. And this is what weekends look like now.

The husband is outside, ‘mowing’ the lawn. With a whipper-snipper. Because we don’t have a mower, and our brother-in-law’s mower that we usually borrow is broken. Mowing the lawn with a whipper-snipper is a strange thing to do, especially when you have a big yard like ours. It doesn’t make it very short, or very neat. But it does make it less knee-height, and that is a good thing. I think we should pay someone to come and do it properly. Or I don’t know, buy a mower or something. But I’ll let him have this little bit of manliness for this weekend.

I am inside. Doing *ahem* the housework. Truly. I’ve started anyway, I just got distracted by my blog. I promise I’ll have my jobs done before the whipper-mowing is done.

Mayana is in her bedroom, ‘tidying up’. Which roughly works like this: Mayana walks into her bedroom with every intention of cleaning up. As she puts away her puzzle, she notices the wooden people set that she got for her birthday. “Ooh, I love playing with that,” she thinks. She pulls it off the shelf and starts to set up the wooden cafe and playground, with the hundred tiny pieces. “Hmm, they need more shops,” she thinks. Out comes the Duplo, and before she knows it her room a city for the tiny wooden people. And a bigger mess than when she started ‘tidying up’. At least she is not under my feet.

There has been talk of going to the beach this afternoon (if Mayana has a tidy room… do you like my sneaky bribery tactics?). Because apparently we’ve turned into one of those families who goes to the beach every weekend, even though I’m so not a beach person. At least our beach has no waves. It does still have sand though.  I will conceded however that it does feel nice to bob along weightless in the water when you’re 29 weeks pregnant (yes, really.. 29 weeks!!). Even if our piece of ocean is never more than about half a meter deep (okay maybe a little more than half a meter. Let’s just say I can always reach the bottom. And I’m pretty short).

So yes, I’m missing the days of the stay-at-home-husband who magically did all the washing and made the floors sparkle (literally, he really loves the floors in this house), and the way the dishwasher used to magically be full of clean dishes (our dishwasher isn’t permanently connected, and I totally don’t know how to connect it to the taps to make it work). *Sigh* he really is a wonderful husband.

Anyway. Enough procrastination. We have people coming over for lunch tomorrow, so there’s some real motivation to have our home looking all sparkly and fancy.

Wish me luck!

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