Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Verdict - and Mayana rambles

Best night's sleep for a loooooong time.

I didn't have to wake up every half hour to rearrange myself because some part of me was going numb...
My hip didn't click when I got out of bed thismorning..
and it was SO comfortable. Best $999 we've every spent. Oh and that's right, did I mention that we also made a saving of $500!! Because I am a magnet for bargains, and of course walked right into a sale ;-)

It also helped that Mayana had the longest sleep of her entire (albeit short) life so far. She went to sleep at 7.15pm, and didn't wake up until 5.15am!!! It's the first really good night she's had since we moved her bedtime forward from 8pm to 7pm.

She had a weird day yesterday, I think because she missed her morning sleep. I've found that if she has a good morning sleep, she is good all day, but if for some reason it's messed up, we have a very cranky baby, even if she does manage a sleep later in the day.

We've settled into a pretty good routine for the moment. Well, she kind of settled herself into it so I'm going along with it anyway!

She usually wakes up at around 8am, I feed her, change her, we have a chat and a cuddle and I put her back to bed by 9.30am, earlier if she's showing tired signs before then.
She then usually sleeps until midday or sometimes even later. Then we have another feed, get dressed for the day (well usually I am already dressed before then, but she gets dressed) and often go out somewhere. She generally doesn't sleep a whole lot after that, but will maybe have a couple of catnaps, and I demand feed during this time. We bath her between 4.30pm and 5pm, and then have some play time on a blanket on the floor - usually this is "Papa time", while I start dinner.
I start her pre-bed feed sometime around 6ish, and that usually goes for half an hour. Then we go into her room, I read her a book or two and we sing a song (usually Yes Jesus Loves Me ) Then I wrap her up, and call Pete in and we say prayers with her, each have a cuddle and a kiss, and into bed she goes! I pat her for a bit, make sure the dummy is in, and then leave the room. She usually is asleep within 15 minutes, but I sometimes have to go back in to pop the dummy back in and give her another pat. She's doing really well at the self-settling and I'm SO proud! Especially when she then practically sleeps right through!

I can't believe my baby is going to be 8 weeks old this Sunday, and next Wednesday will be 2 months old!!! She's still so tiny, even though she feels so much bigger to us. When we go out, people are always shocked that such a tiny baby is so alert, assuming that she's much newer than she is. I often get disgusted looks from old ladies who must think that I'm a horrible mother to have such a brand-new baby out, lol. But mostly, every person we walk past says, either to us or whoever they're with, "aawwww look at that tiny baby, she's so cute, how tiny is she!!!". That's assuming they figure out she's a she. You have no idea the amount of times I've been asked, "is it a little girl or a little boy,". Well yes, I often dress my little boy in pink dresses with a pink headband and frilly white socks. *slaps forhead*.

Anyway, she's such a good baby, and SO cute. Even when she cries she does these most gorgeous little frowns. I keep trying to take a photo (mean I know) but it's a fleeting expression and hard to capture.

Anyway, I had best be off, I really only came in to talk about the mattress, not to ramble on about my baby! She's worth rambling about though, that's for sure :)

Need to do some housework before she wakes up!


  1. That's great that she's doing so well - I can't believe she slept so long (did you have to express in that time because I know my boobs would explode if I let them go that long) - sorry, that's a bit gross!
    Maybe Mayana can teach my boys the beauty of sleep?

  2. ha I totally know what you mean. No I didn't express, but they were pretty dang full when she woke up!!! And sore.. lol.


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