Friday, 25 December 2009

Come Fly With Me….

No more countdowns. Perth is here! We flew in on Tuesday. After waking up at 3am. Yes, 3am. Even Mayana. *Sigh*.

We tried to keep her asleep between the bed and the car, but she could sense the excitement in her Mama and Papa, and sleeping was not going to happen. Our brother in law, Shane drove us to the airport. He’s so awesome!


[thanks for the lift Uncle Shane]

We arrived at the airport just before 6am, and the 7 of us checked in our luggage and collected our boarding passes. Then we went and had the world’s most expensive coffee and muffins before boarding our flight. No breakfast on Jetstar.



Mayana was SO good. I had planned to breastfeed her on takeoff, but the airlines make you attach a baby seatbelt to yours, and have her face outward, and my boobs just don’t go that far (fortunately). So she had a dummy instead.


Once we were in the sky, there were six of us for her to play with, and she was quite happy to be passed around. She had about 45minutes sleep with her Kami, but that was about it.That flight was about 2 hours. We were SOOOOO thrilled that in Adelaide, where we had a two hour stopover, one of our favourite people in the whole world, Karlos, came to hang out with us at the airport! He moved to S.A last year, and had never met Mayana, and we miss him so much. It was so good to see him – it was like no time had passed and we just picked up where we left off. Mayana loved him, held out her arms to him straight away and snuggled and snuggled. It was so sweet.

S7305016     S7305014

Stoopid Jetstar made us go and pick up our luggage and check it in again with Qantas, even though we booked the flight with Qantas in the first place and they made us go with Jetstar. Stoopid. Wasting our precious Karlos-time.

Anyway, after two hours of chatting, laughing, uno-playing and hanging out, we sadly waved goodbye to our lovely friend, and boarded our second flight of the day: 3 hours to Perth. Because stupid Jetstar wouldn’t let us do online booking for our Qantas flight (because we were flying Jetstar first) we got the pov seats. The two rows in front of the toilets. In the back of the plane. Which wasn’t too bad until we started decent and hit turbulence. My mum and I may have held hands and squealed. Just a little.  Mayana was awesome, once again. She actually fell asleep during take-off (we thought she was looking out the window) and slept for around an hour. Then she shared our lunches (rissoles and mash) and ate almost a whole frosty fruit iceblock, and listened to the movie (Up) through Mama’s earphones, and played with her aunties and uncles… she was so good.

We arrived in Perth at 1.20pm, local time. We had gained 30 minutes in Adelaide, and lost 2.5 hours when we landed in Perth. We had been up since 3am. We were stuffed. We were greeted by my sister (who’d been here for 3 weeks for schoolies), my dad (who’d been here since Sunday, because of my Oma being diagnosed with cancer, that’s a story for another post), and some cousins and an aunty. It was so good to see them all, and in our over-tired state a little overwhelming. I nearly cried!

After settling in to our accommodation and getting the caravan set up, we headed over to an Aunty and Uncle’s house (the Buma’s) for a “Happy Birthday Oom Sace/ Welcome Qld Bumas” party. It was so awesome to see family that we haven’t seen for so long.. some since our wedding over 4 years ago, and some even longer than that! Our family is so awesome, and even more fun now that all the cousins have ‘grown up’ and want to sit around and chat and joke and laugh instead of running off to play. They’re such a great bunch and I love their guts!

S7305033 S7305037

[Tan Tan & Emily]                 [Dutch happy birthday]


[Mayana playing with her cousins]    [Oma & Mama]

S7305027 S7305025

[Jordan & Cameron]                   [Alexie & Rachael]

I’m glad I got these photos, because after my 3am morning, and the –2hour time difference, it was about 1.30am according to my body clock by the time we got to bed, and it’s all a bit of a haze!

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