Monday, 7 December 2009

Carols by glow-stick light

We had such a lovely afternoon yesterday. We met up with some friends in the park, for a picnic. Well we spent almost half of it huddled under a tree with picnic blankets wrapped around us while it piddled down with rain. But it was still lovely and still fun! The rain didn’t hang around for too long… it never does in this town… and we went back to picnicking quickly enough.

Mayana sat in her little chair and ate … a lot. She longed to run off and play with the other toddlers. But she’s in a tricky in-between stage at the moment – her heart is with the toddlers playing, but her poor little legs can’t keep up!

On dusk we trekked over to the other side of the park for our town’s Mayoral Christmas Carols. We parked on the biggest patch of free grass we could find – which didn’t make for fabulous stage-viewing, but we could see just enough. We sang along a little, but mostly watched the kids from our group run around stealing each other’s food and waving glowsticks around.

Mayana was such a good girl! She clapped and sang for a while, and when it got dark and her eyes started drooping she came for a cuddle with Mama and went straight to sleep. She slept through the fireworks (with the help of her baby ear-muffs), and while Peter and I walked through the ‘Wonderland of Lights’ in yet another section of the park after the show.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon and evening, and a lovely memory which will be tucked away for later viewing. S7304912

- ready to hit the park! -


- the carols are starting! -  S7304923

- singing along -

S7304925 - All carolled out -

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  1. I still love the little earphones you got for her, that block noise out. What a fantastic idea!


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