Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Uni... I did it!

I had originally planned to do this semester entirely from home. I'm not doing fourth year subjects, just some extra electives - though still education subjects.
So I enrolled for 3 web-based courses to do this semester. When my studydesk came up (the uni intranet site with all your assignments, study schedules etc) and I looked through the work I had to do, I had a "crap! I can't do this!" moment. I couldn't imagine doing these courses from home, with no other classmates to motivate me, no teachers to talk to, and a gorgeous baby to distract me. Admittedly, I'd chosen some pretty full-on courses!

So anyway, I decided to reassess. I looked through all the courses that I could choose to do this semester, and made a big decision to go back to campus for one of my subjects! When I enrolled a few weeks ago, I couldn't even make myself consider this, but now it somehow felt easier. So I'm now enrolled in an early childhood numeracy course (online), which Pete has already done a couple of years ago, a foundation literacy course (online) which looks like something that will really interest me (It's about early reading and language skills etc), and a drama course!! This is the on-campus course, and I'm so excited about it. It's right up my ally, the sort of thing I love doing, and with one of my favourite uni lecturers.

There are only 2 draw-backs:
1) It is at the same time as my playgroup
2) It overlaps one of Pete's classes by an hour.

However, I can live without playgroup for 4 months - and there will be a number of weeks when I can still go because my classmates will be on prac. And, my lovely lecturer is happy for me to bring Mayana to the class for the first hour! Plus, as it turns out, Pete's class looks as though it will be finishing half an hour earlier than scheduled, so we won't have that much of an overlap after all!

So today was my first day back - and Mayana's first day at uni! I wonder how many babies aged 6 weeks and 3 days can say that! I mean, sure, she slept through most of it, but still!!!
She was such a good girl, and made the other poeple in my class very clucky. They're all lined up for cuddles next week.

The class was great... reminded me of highschool drama with Mrs Holtausen :-)
We're going to be doing a performance piece at a school near the end of semester, which should be lots of fun! There are only 8 people in the class, which is fantastic. I'm so excited about it.

I'm really glad that I took a deep breath and made the decision to do this. It was so great to be at uni - to help me remember where I'm headed with my teaching, and also to let me remember that I am more than just Mayana's mummy - even thought that is definitely my number one priority! Plus it gives Pete a couple of special hours of Papa Time each week - I think it's going to be great for all three of us !

So yes. My boast for the day. I did it, I enjoyed it, and I'm going to stick at it! I'm so proud of myself...

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  1. I am so proud of you No 1 DIL!!! Nan and I were just saying it won't be long before Mayana is in class!! Yay. You are an amazing person, mother, wife, teacher 2B!
    I had a lecture every week with a pregnant lady (it was her #4!!) and she eventually brought the tiny 2 week old along for about the last month!! AND Yes there was always a big cue for cuddles including from the lecturer!!
    Hugs from me ooOOoo


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