Friday, 13 March 2009


Okay, so I so thought I’d never join the wii bandwagon, but since uncle Kevi is giving us his ruddbucks, and we get 4 lots of it (which is sending us on a Perth holiday for Christmas), Pete and I decided to do it. Pete’s been wanting one for a looong time, but I’ve taken A LOT of convincing.

Anyway, our first lot of ruddbucks were due this week.. they still haven’t turned up (stupid Centrelink, or as I like to call them, CentreSTINK – hadn’t made me eligible for the FTB part B bonus payment because they hadn’t processed my paperwork prior to Feb 3, although I gave it to them on Jan 23, and M was born Jan 18! I rang them today and sorted that out though, and it’s coming through next monday). Pete has been doing stacks of research on the various Wii deals going, and this week Big W had a beauty: The Wii console, with 3 games for only $398. They also had the Wii fit for $118. Combined this is cheaper than you would pay for the same thing but used at say, EB Games –and that would only have 1 game. So we decided to do it!

Toowoomba Big W hadn’t gotten a shipment in at all, and weren’t sure that they were going to. I still don’t understand how they can get away with that when it’s being advertised in the catalogue and on TV. But anyway. They wouldn’t let us put our name down for when one came in, despite the sign on the counter that said, “See staff to secure your wii bundle”. Weirdos! So I rang Big W Noosa, and they had stacks of wii bundles, and 2 wii fits available. I madly rang my sister and transferred money to her account, and she flew over there and got it for us! By the time she got there they only had the one wii fit left, and the girl nearly wouldn’t give it to her, because they said a lady had rung and said she was coming to get it within the hour – but the lady was me! That was really nice of her cos she’d told me on the phone they aren’t allowed to hold catalogue sale items.

So yeah, long story short: Today we are getting a Wii. It is arriving with my mum and brother any minute now.

Pete, Mayana and I get to spend a weekend with Kami and Oom J! We’re so looking forward to them coming and hanging out for the weekend… and playing with our new wii!!! :)


  1. Yay, good choice. Just as well I didn't want one, coz I was very tempted with that deal LOL xx

  2. Ooohhhh, I love our Wii! I bought it for Michael's birthday last year and we played it heaps until Isabelle was born, but we have been playing it again lately. I just got the Wii fit for my birthday and so far am really enjoying it! I also recommend getting Mario Cart if you haven't yet, so much fun! I totally agree with you about Big W - we went to get the same Wii fit price last week, but they never received any - luckily our EB games did and will match any advertised price. Have fun! :)


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