Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Ikea and stuff for bubs

Well we are no longer Ikea virgins.

On Saturday, we spent around 3 hours wandering around the humungous Logan store. It's so huge, I still don't think we looked at everything.

We decided on a cot and change table that we like, but by the time we got down to the second floor, they were all sold out for the day. We were told that they'd have more the next day... but that wasn't going to happen. Luckily they're something that is always there and always at that price.

So this is the cot:
And this is the change table:

They're not anything very fancy, but we love the colour of the wood, and we love that they're not very bulky, as bubby's room is quite small.

Yesterday we went to Target and put some baby things on Christmas layby!

This pram was on sale... half price at $99!!

The car seat was on sale for $149

And our bath is very similar to this, but in blue. So cool!!!

So we are very happy with all our purchases (if you can call them that when they are on layby!) and stoked at the amount of money we'll be saving.

Oh and bubby is 16 weeks today, which means we only have 3 weeks to go till our big scan!!!
We're so very excited.

Anyway have to go for now as Pete needs to find some stuff for uni on the computer.




  1. that would have been so much fun baby shopping :D you got some very nice things at very nice prices too.

    was wondering what happened about you moving house, i might have missed it but i have been hanging to find out if you moved or if your still moving

  2. How exciting! It's always cool to get new things, and you must be feeling like baby is so much more real, now that you're buying him/her things!!

  3. Fantastic goodies to see. Thanks Zoey for sharing them all. Great to be a part of it like this.
    I joined huggies.com.au site today and went in all the competitions to win free stuff. Check it out it is pretty good. Not sure if you are going with cloth or disp nappies?? But there is heaps of other giveaways.
    Hugs to all
    ~~X~~X~~X~~ (that's me blowing xxxs!!)


Thank you!!


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