Wednesday, 16 July 2008

feeling creative

Yesterday I struck some inspiration.. I haven't done any beading (aside from that button order for Mel) for such a long time. Yesterday I pulled out my beads and before I knew it I had beaded up a storm! I've still got it.... lol.

Here are my newest creations:

Woven (peote stitch) bracelet... gold wire, black, silver and red chzek -fired crystals.

Simple bracelet... glass and lampwork beads with a couple of chzek crystals

Wired glass pendant with a strand of glass beads on tiger-wire.

Love this one! Wired glass pendant with glass bead and silver necklace. I love the teal coloured beads with the black squiggles.

Black and white button necklace (another order for Mel.. lol)

Huge hoopy earrings with a turquoise swarovski for a bit of colour.

Glass lampwork bead earrings

Pink, silver, black, blue and clear Chzek fired crystal wrap-around memory wire bracelet.

Lampwork and Chzek fired crystals with gorgeous silver findings.. this is another wrap around bracelet which means no fiddly clasps!!!!

And that's all... for now :) Mel has requested some new pieces for selling at the shop... so I'm working hard.

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  1. love ya work zoey :D
    there all beautiful but the 4th and 6th down from the top are my favs



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