Wednesday, 17 October 2012

twenty-three to twenty-six

twenty three

Week 23

Your first ride in a trolley… oh how you love it! You’re such a smiley boy these days Reuben.. though you didn’t think much of your sister sharing her headband with you!!

twenty four

Week 24

We took a holiday this week and spent a few days in Noosa. You went to your first Colin Buchanan concert!!

twenty five

Week 25

You’re sooo close to sitting up Reuben. We went whale watching with the Batkins this week and has such fun. That last photo there is the caper you pull when you’ve finished your breakfast in the mornings. You always want more. You also learnt to sit up all by yourself this week!

twenty six

Week 26

Twenty-six weeks this week my beautiful boy. On Friday you will be six months old! The weeks and months are flying by. I took you to visit Nana Joy and Poppy Goose this week. They were very happy to see you, and I got some beautiful photos of you and your Great Pop.

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