Wednesday, 17 October 2012

learning… always learning

The Friend family is on the move again.

After we moved not quite twelve months ago, we were assured that this house was a long-term rental, and that we could settle here and make it our home.

So when we received a letter a few weeks ago informing us that we had to be out in six weeks, we were somewhat shocked. Well shocked was one reaction… we were also sad, angry, frustrated, and very ticked off.  We love living in this beautiful house!

I cried… and swore a little. I may have even stomped my foot. It was just. so. unfair!

And I worried. Because that’s what I do. I hate that that’s what I do, but it is.

So, we fast forward a couple of weeks and I’m feeling a little stupid. Because worrying is SUCH a waste of time. And I should know that. Because God has ALWAYS taken care of us. Every single time. I know that. One day, my first response will be just to put my trust in God. He sure has given me enough opportunities to learn that lesson!

In about ten days time, we are on the move. To a very lovely brand new home not too far from where we are now. Like, as in, just finished being built. It has three bedrooms and a study. Lots of cupboards. Flyscreens. A laundry INSIDE. (Can you tell I’ve been living in a Queenslander for the last two years?) A clothesline. Air conditioning. A super easy-maintenance yard. God has thought of everything.

Like I said. I should not have worried. I should never worry. Our whole marriage and life together is an ongoing testimony of God’s provision. By the time we applied for our new place, I was had reminded myself of this and was feeling confident that God would look after us. As I drove away from the real estate agency, I prayed out loud: God, I know that this is in your hands now. I know there is literally nothing more that I can do in this situation, and I know that you’ve got a plan. If we don’t get this house it’s because you’ve got something better. Thank you for opening the right doors, and giving us favour with men.

Next time, I’m hoping that will be my first response. I’m still learning, and I guess God is going to keep allowing me to encounter these situations until I get it and it finally sinks in.

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  1. How great that you're moving into a brand new house! Maybe God new that's what you needed!


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