Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Dear Reuben {five months}

My littlest darling…


Five months already.. and let’s be honest, we’re almost half way to six! Mama’s been busy, and you especially have been keeping me that way!


I’m loving this age, the way that you’re that much more interactive now. You recognise me and your Papa and are starting to reach out for us and snuggle. Oh how we love it! You’re trying to copy the sounds that we make, and Papa, Mayana and I are engaged in a fierce battle to get you saying Papa, Na-na or Mama first. You've found your tongue and you love to blow raspberries and poke it out at us.. and dribble.. boy do you dribble!


There’s a couple of little white dots sitting on those swollen gums of yours, and I’m willing those little toothy-pegs to just do their thing and break through to ease your obvious discomfort. Everything goes into your mouth.. you always have to be chewing on something!


You love your jolly-jumper.. especially since Kami bought you the musical mat to go underneath it. It makes you so happy! I think it’s a lot to do with the fact that you’re upright in it. You’re not so much a fan of laying on your back these days. You roll around and end up in all sorts of crazy positions far from where I left you. You can sit up with just a little bit of help for when you overbalance when you get excited. When you’re excited you flap those little arms of your like you’re going to take off! It’s so funny.


You’ve also finally figured out how to work your giggle. You especially like when Mama blows raspberries on your neck or pretends to eat you all up. I love it so much!


You’re eating so well. Now that your reflux is under control you’re gaining weight far more steadily. You have two solids meals a day and it’s not going to be long before you move to three. You eat fruit and farex for breakfast, and veggies for dinner. You love sweet potato, and also eat carrot, pumpkin, zucchini, cauliflower, potato, apple, pears, peas and corn. You’ve also started munching on a few arrowroot biscuits and think you’re very clever. The only food you’ve refused so far is avocado. You’re not a fan at all.. you spit it all out and gag and carry on… We might wait until you’re a bit older and can have it on sandwiches or something.


I love you Reubsy-cubes. A little more each day.


Love Mama

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