Saturday, 3 November 2012

twenty seven + twenty eight

twenty seven

Week 27

My beautiful boy. This week, we mostly spent our time packing. But in-between we had a few fun times, including visits with friends and a trip to play down at Hervey Bay. See that realllllly cute photo of you down the bottom there? That was moments after I’d had to run you a second bath because you pooped in the first one. Seriously. I did not think it as funny as you did!

twenty eight

Week 28

Sorry my darling hardly any photos this week! We were busy unpacking. Which Mama likes much better than packing, I must say!!

We did have a visit from our lovely Nana Joy though, and may have gone out for a coffee or two. We really loved having her here, and she loved having lots of snuggles from you and your sister!

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