Monday, 16 April 2012

twenty five

And I have been for over a week now! It doesn’t feel too much different than 24, but here I am.

I had a lovely birthday, I got spoiled by my husband and daughter, and spent a lovely day with the latter when the former went off to work. We went to the markets with a friend and her daughter, and shared left over red velvet cake when we got home.


My two favourite people made me feel like a Birthday Queen!


Peter got me a sun-lounger for the veranda, that I had been eyeing off for ages!


And Mayana chose me some very gorgeous jewellery all by herself!

In the afternoon we hit the road to Noosa, and made it just in time to attend a very special Passover Supper that our adopted grandparents shared with us. It was beautiful, and a lovely experience to have on my birthday.

So I had a lovely day, and another birthday is down!

But not over yet… sometime after this baby is born, I’m off to my favourite hairdressers at Salon Unique for the full works… cut, colour, wax, tint… and whatever else they can throw at me. My lovely parents have given me a makeover! So…. now I’m on the hunt for a new ‘do. I’m thinking of going lighter again…. I think some time on Pintrest is in order!

What ideas do you have??


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