Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Birthday Week // The Party and The Cake

Did you know that tomorrow is my birthday! I’m going to be 25… a quarter of a century. Crazy, no? I feel pretty good about what I have accomplished in my 25 years… a university degree under my belt, married for 6 and a half years, a three year old and a second child on the way… Not bad for 25 years I’d say!

In our usual tradition, we have been enjoying Birthday Week, which of course started off with our luxury weekend away. On Monday night we had a whole lot of friends over to share a meal. It was a very nice evening, I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did!

In another usual tradition, I also ended up making my own birthday cake, and I have to say, I’m super proud of this one…

It was a Red Velvet Cake with Marscapone Cream Cheese Icing. I’ve made red velvet cake before, but I think this one turned out even better…


I wanted to stack the cakes, so I sliced the top off of one to make sure it was a nice, even surface to stack onto. I crumbed up the sliced off part (and I may have eaten some of it too) to use as decoration on top of my cake.


I think it looked quite effective!


Inspired by a certain My Kitchen Rules contestant, I also decided to try my hand at a piped chocolate butterfly. For a first attempt, I was very pleased with the results.

And here it is… the finished cake in all its glory:


And it tasted pretty delicious too!

If anyone is interested, I got the recipe from here. The only thing I changed is that I wasn’t able to buy buttermilk (there was none in my whole town it seems!), so I made my own by mixing milk with sour cream until it reached a buttermilk-like consistency. As far as I could tell it didn’t make any difference to the end product.



  1. You can fake buttermilk by using 5-10ml of vinegar or lemon juice and making up the cup with milk and leaving it to sit for 5 minutes.
    The cake looks amazing, and you are a pretty incredible 25 year old!

  2. Yumm! This cake looks gorgeous, good job.


Thank you!!


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