Monday, 16 April 2012


I was 37 weeks pregnant on Saturday. That means there are less than three weeks until we will meet our son. I’m not going to lie, I wouldn’t be upset if he decided to make a slightly earlier appearance (though I’m not holding my breath).


I think I feel bigger than I was with Mayana. I think this baby is bigger than his sister. The crazy movements I feel this time… I don’t remember so much from last time!

We had a busy weekend finally getting things organised. I think I’ve hit the nesting stage, but it mostly feels good to feel like we’re actually prepared for this baby to arrive.

We have moved Mayana into the room across the hallway from us, and she will be sharing it with her baby brother when he arrives. We both feel really great to have her that much closer to us, and she is very excited about sharing with Baby Two. She is also quite enamoured with the fact that she now has a playroom.

Here’s what we accomplished on the weekend. I wish I had before shots, but I didn’t think that far ahead. Also excuse the quality of the photos, they were taken in bad lighting on my iPhone.


We turned Mayana’s old room into the playroom. It looks even bigger without the bed and wardrobe.


We have moved our old TV & the Wii into the room, so I guess it’s kind of Pete’s playroom now too. And we have a great big blank wall that we have turned into Mayana’s art gallery. It’s a very cool place to be!

The ‘sleeping room’, as Mayana has christened it, is much smaller, but still much larger than the average-sized bedroom, and has ample room for both of the kids. The rule is that this room is only home to beds, books and clothes… all toys belong in the playroom only (with the exception of Mayana’s new baby doll, Georgi, and her paraphernalia).


Mayana’s side…


Baby Two’s side…



Mayana has moved some of her owl collection into her new room, and Baby Two’s animal contribution is going to be elephants. It’s a cute combination.

So the nesting has kicked in… I’ve even mostly packed my hospital bag, and we have been down to the hospital to tour the birthing suites and maternity ward [^Insert heart palpitations here].

Pregnancy-wise, things are going well. I get bigger by the day hour, but am feeling generally well. I’ve started to get puffy feet, but that’s a good excuse to put my feet up. My back and hips are slightly sorer, and I have developed a very decided waddle. But every day, I’m that little bit closer to meeting my gorgeous baby, and every day I long to feel him in my arms just that little bit more. I have my last week of work this week, and I have no doubt that it will fly by. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to maternity leave!

Until then, I’ll be here, plodding along, steadily growing bigger, and closer to meeting my boy.


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  1. Definitely nesting going on! The rooms looks great Zoey. All the best in the next couple of weeks, we are thinking and praying for you xxx


Thank you!!


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