Sunday, 25 March 2012

A peek at my… Fortnight

I got slack last week, but really so much of the past two weeks has been the same-old-same-old that it probably doesn’t make too much of a difference. Here is some of what we’ve been up to over this last fortnight…

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* I’ve survived another two weeks of school, and only have two to go: this week ahead, then one week after the two weeks holidays that start this weekend! I’m so excited, seriously. School usually settles into some kind of rhythm after the first few weeks of term, but this term has just been flat out from beginning to end. I think the only thing that’s kept me sane is the huge flashing ‘Maternity Leave’ light at the end of the tunnel.

* Mayana and I have found our baking mojo lately, and our speciality is pikelets. As you can see from my instagram shots, they have been a regular treat at our place lately, and we get a little better at them every time. We even made a batch of green pikelets for St Patrick’s day, and Pete took the recipe to kindy to have some fun with the kids. It was a big hit, both at home and at kindy.

Peter and I have made the decision to stop buying processed lunchbox-type food (which is something we rarely did until we were both suddenly working and it was just *that* much easier). We’ve also started to try and make healthier alternatives in baked goods, like taking out sugar, and using dextrose instead, and other substitutes where possible. We’ve also been adding things like oat or wheat bran, dates and fruit. It’s quite yummy, and feels good to be making an effort to eat more healthily, but still enjoy our food.

* I’ve enjoyed having time with my Maysi-bird wherever possible. After I pick her up from her kindy on Friday’s, we go out for a Mama-Maysi date, and I so enjoy those times with her. She’s been more clingy than usual lately – she insists on going with Peter on his lunch break at his kindy; and cried and wouldn’t let go of me – and broke my heart in the process – when I took her to her own kindy on Friday. My poor work colleagues had to put up with a blubbering hormonal pregnant woman on Friday morning, and I was more grateful than ever for my new friends at work. It’s so unlike her, she has never had a problem with kindy drop-off, and usually waves us off happily. I wonder if she’s sensing the change that’s coming with the new baby.

* We’ve also had a ‘Family Date’ each weekend; out for breakfast last weekend, and our bowling night this weekend. I love these times together, and while I am looking forward to the change of being four, I’m definitely soaking up what’s left of this season of having one child.

* We have finally gotten around starting to get ready for the new baby. Pete has put together the cot and change table, and I did the mammoth task of sorting through our baby clothes. I was right, and 99% or so was pink, but I managed to scrape together a respectable number of green, white and yellow clothes, and even found a handful of blue! We still need to take some of our boxes of teaching resources downstairs, but the room is far closer to being the baby’s than it was a few weeks ago.

* I hit the 34 week mark yesterday, so now have less than 6 weeks until my due date. I am not sleeping well at all, and am very tired. People keep telling me that it’s preparing me for life with a newborn, but I know for certain that I slept a lot more when I did have a newborn than I did in my last weeks of pregnancy with Mayana. The difference is I think, that once I’d fed and put the baby back to sleep, I was able to fall asleep straight away. Pregnancy insomnia has me waking four or five times a night (usually for a bathroom trip) and then taking half an hour at least to get back to sleep each time. Plus, you get to have delicious newborn cuddles when you’re awake with a baby, and that’s far more easily beared than tossing and turning and getting yourself tangled in your sheets for half the night!

I definitely feel like I’ve popped even more (who knew it was possible) and have conceded defeat and went and bought a pair of maternity pants today. There’s just not too much that’s fitting me at the moment! I do, however, love my bump, and I’m going to have fun showing off my midsection while I can.. before I know it I’ll be back to trying to hide it away again!

So I’m geared up for one more big week, that’s going to have a few fun bits thrown in. We have a staff morning tea on Tuesday (bring on the Apple Tart!!), and our department is going out for dinner on Thursday night. Friday we’ll go out with a bang, with a Fun Day where some of our Distance Education students will be coming to our school to meet us and do some great activities. Next weekend my gorgeous husband is taking me away to Brisbane for the weekend (we did a Wotif mystery deal and landed ourselves a gorgeous room at the Hilton!) and I’m so looking forward to some ‘us time’. We feel like we hardly see each other at the moment, and really need some time to reconnect before this baby arrives!

I hope you all have had a great week fortnight also! What did you get up to?

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