Friday, 16 March 2012

She makes me laugh...

// when she runs into our bedroom in the morning because, "My clock is green Mama!!!" and tells us, "it's time to get up Peeps."

// When she hides from her Papa every night before he comes into her room for prayers, but always gives herself away because she can't contain her giggles.

// When she insists that we should still call the baby Baby Two after he's born, because that's clearly his name. Though after much consideration, she concedes that she might call him Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (and that, friends, is why you don't let your kids name their siblings).

// When I get home from school and she asks me, "So, how was your day Mum?"

// When she can't possibly help with cooking without wearing her apron and chef hat, and needs convincing that the oven mitt should only really be worn when you're taking something out of the oven, not when you're stirring pikelet batter with a whisk.

// When Pete catches her at kindy, standing over her friends counting aloud as they do pushups. And when he asks what she is doing, she nonchalantly replies, "oh, just playing Biggest Loser with my friends."

// When her other kindy teacher asks her to bring a photo of her family for the wall, and in the car she tells me she wants to take the one from Camp Buma with her whole big family and Omie taking her hair off.

// When we're watching the movie 'Rio' and it depicts Carnival with all the singing and dancing and costumes, and she exclaims, "Look Mum! It's JUST like our (new years) party at Camp Buma!!!" because that's how awesome that party was to her.

// When she cries because Papa tells her that the girl Smurf is called Smurfette, when she's convinced it's Mama Smurf.

// When she tries to sneak a big mouthful of what she thinks is icing sugar but is actually flour from the pantry, and comes to find me with tears in her eyes because it's so yucky and her mouth is practically glued together.

// When she has conversations with 'her girls' (the chooks), who absolutely adore her and follow her around everywhere.

// When she tells me that Dorothy, her Bristle Nose/Sucker fish is "not a real big swimmer, she just likes to sit around and eat the scraps".

// When she sets up musical chairs with her dollhouse furniture, because it's the best game ever (and another cherished Camp Buma memory).

// When she tried to make a bargain that the next time she fills up her sticker chart she should get some pet birds.

// When she tells Pete almost every day that "this would be a good day for pancakes for breakfast".

// When she snuggles in with Pete and I in the morning and says, "You guys are my best buddies ever!"

Seriously, this kid makes me smile and laugh every single day. I love her guts!

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