Saturday, 24 March 2012

Family Fun Night

Yesterday at school I got given a voucher for cheap bowling games at our local ten-pin. So last night, at around 6-ish, when we should have been thinking about what to do for dinner, we decided to go on a spontaneous family date instead. We took Mayana for her first ten-pin-bowling experience.

It was so. much. fun. Mayana was jumping around the house going, “Yay, we’re going bowling!!! Woohoo!!” Then she turned around and asked, “What’s bowling Mama?”

We explained that it was kind of like Angry Birds; you throw balls and try to knock things over. She totally got that.

And she totally loved bowling. We had the bumpers on our lane, and set her up with one of those stands, and she was off. She insisted on lugging the ball over all by herself, (despite warnings that she would burst her foo-foo bag") and would jump up and down exclaiming, “Go ball go!!!!” as we watched her ball meander slowly down the lane. She actually did quite a good job, and in our second game was beating me for a while! Next time we will only do one game, because she started to lose interest a little in the first part of the second. That was of course until they turned on the ‘party lights’, and then she found her second wind. In fact when the game was over, we had to hang around for an extra fifteen minutes so that she could dance in the party lights!

I also learned that bowling is somewhat of a feat when you’re 8 months pregnant. It’s not so easy to ‘bend with the ball’ (yes thinks for that Mr. Oettinger, year 10 bowling teacher,  I will forever have your voice in my head when I step up to the lane) when you’re carrying your very own bowling ball in front. I probably should have given in and used Mayana’s stand, as I’m definitely feeling it today!

Anyway, enough talk. I’m really pleased that we thought to take our DSLR with us last night instead of relying on phone photos, because this is a memory I’m going to treasure. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Ready to play real-life Angry Birds!


She would not accept any help. This is quite impressive when your ball literally weighs pretty close to half of your actual body weight.


Mayana was most intrigued by the way the ball somehow just popped back up for her to grab. The novelty of that didn’t wear off for the whole night.


Papa was on stand-by… just in case. We didn’t want to be losing any toes or anything!



Party lights!!! Which just happened to coincide with the playing of Mayana’s favourite song, Party Rock Anthem. Most exciting moment ever.


The final score. Mayana put up a pretty good fight!!


Dancing in the party lights.


I know they say pregnancy makes you glow… but this is ridiculous! Here’s Baby Two and I. 34 weeks today! Unreal huh?

The verdict? I’m pretty much 100% sure that there is another family bowling night in our future. We had a lot of fun, and Mayana is very keen to invite Opa, Kami (and maybe Oom J and Lala too) to her next bowling adventure!

What’s your favourite family date idea??

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  1. That looks SOOOOO cool!! I wish I could have been there to see Maysi's face when Party Rock came on :)

    This has definitely inspired me to take our girls next time we're somewhere near a bowling alley!

    And P.S. you're totally glowing - not just blue either ;)


Thank you!!


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