Tuesday, 9 August 2011

{Point + Shoot} Generations

We spent the weekend on a long overdue visit with my Nanna and Pop, who are affectionately known to Mayana as Nana Joy and Poppy Goose.

Mayana spent lots of time shadowing Pop, just like I used to when I was her age. He told her a story about her catching a great big fish... The third generation he's told that story to! Using her name in the story had her mesmerized, and she spent the rest of the afternoon telling Nana and I about her big fish- it was that real to her!

Mayana and Nana always enjoy every minute of each other, and lots of cuddles are always shared. Mayana was intrigued by Nana's piano accordion, and enjoyed dancing and 'helping' Nana play.

Mayana was sad to leave Nana and Pop at the end of the weekend, but excited and full of anticipation at the promise of a holiday at the Beach with Nana and Pop in their house with wheels.

I get so much joy from watching Mayana loving the people who I love so dearly.

I'm playing along with Louise for Point+Shoot.. You should too!

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