Friday, 19 August 2011

Me... In A-Z

I haven't done a blog meme for a while, and I'm feeling too shattered from my crazy busy week at work to be creative enough to come up with my own blog post ideas.... So, as stolen from my lovely cousin Louise's blog:

All about me; in A-Z

Age: 24. And I just had to really think about that... Freaked me right out..

Bed size: Queen. I need enough space to be not touching my husband at night... He's super hot (as in warm-blooded... And in the other way too)

Chore that I hate: Washing up. The rule in our house is that whoever cooked doesn't have to wash up.... I cook a lot.

Dogs: I'm super dog clucky at the moment. My sister just got one and it's really cute. We would eventually like to rescue a dog from the RSPCA.

Essential start to my day: A snuggle with my two favourite people. Mays comes into bed with us in the mornings and tells us about her dreams and what she wants to do that day. I love it.

Favourite colour: pink and green, and purple, and certain shades of blue.. I love lots of colours and combinations of colours.

Gold or silver: I mostly wear silver, though my wedding rings are gold.

Height: Short. 160ish centimeters or so.

Instruments I play: The flute, keyboards, and drips and drabs of the guitar.

Job title: Mama, wife, teacher.

Kids: Mayana - 2.5 years old and a bundle of total awesomeness.

Lives: in a little town, in Queensland.

Mum's name: Tambrey

Nicknames: Zoz, Zozzie, Wifey

Overnight hospital stays: One night, the night Mayana was born. Next time I'm hoping to not stay overnight... I hated it!

Pet peeves: My sister always beating me on Words With Friends. Grrr. And autocorrect on my iPad not understanding what I'm trying to write.

Quote from a movie: "I like your sleeves... They're real big" I'm a sucker for Napoleon Dynamite.

Right or left handed: Right.

Siblings: Two sisters and one brother, all younger than me.

Time I wake up: 6.30. And then we press snooze once or twice.

Underwear: Whatever is clean on the day...

Vegetable I hate: raw carrot. Though I'm not sure if my feelings about carrot are strong enough to be classed as 'hate'.

What makes me run late: life. I hate running late but we tend to run late a lot. It shames me. Often it's because Mayana chooses incredibly inopportune times to do ploppies. As does her father.

X-rays I've had: teeth, ankles (multiple times), foot (the only thing that was actually broken), wrist, knee.

Yummy food that I make: I make a pretty special homemade fettucine with creamy mushroom and white wine sauce.

Zoo animal: I love elephants. They are beautiful and so fun to watch. I even bought elephant earrings from the Perth Zoo, I was that much of a fan!

Now, why don't you copy and paste all of that and play along too!

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