Sunday, 7 August 2011

Love you, Maysi-Moo

Precious daughter, do you know how much I love you? You're growing up so fast these days, and your Papa and I are loving every minute.

You're such a toddler now, and no terrible twos for you! You're a delight to us, and to everyone who encounters you.

Yesterday, we went with Nana to the church service at a hospital nursing home, where you solemnly walked around the room, giving each person there one of your princess stickers. You made sure you cuddled everyone before we could leave, as if you knew how it would make their day.

For the first time in your life, people are starting to say, "wow! Hasn't she grown!?" ... And it's true. You've left your baby days behind you, and we're seeing glimpses of the big girl you're growing to be.

You talk all the time these days, and your sense of humour is developing beautifully. Every night, we climb into your bed and read a book together (your most requested is the story of Noah). When we're finished, you call in Papa to pray with you. You've started a little tradition where you call out a different animal for him to be every night. Tonight, he was Papa Turtle, and other days this week he has been a bear, a tiger, a cat and an elephant! He's such an awesome papa, and he always plays along, much to your great delight. Each night you pray for every single person in our family, and pick a few of your many best friends to pray for, too. You love to tell God about the things you've done, and whatever else happens to be on your mind at the time.

Every day with you is an adventure, and you make the most mundane things fun. I love it when we go shopping, and you continuously exclaim, 'Ooh! I like that one!'
When something especially tickles your fancy, you peer up at me and say, 'We get this one for Maysi-Moo-Moo??'
It makes me giggle every time.

I love the way your imagination is developing. You cook us elaborate meals in your kitchen, constantly talk to various family members on your hand phone, and are such a mother hen to your babies.

You love animals, and at the moment you ask us daily when we're going to get a doggie, who you tell us will be called Humpty Dumpty.

You love music... Singing it, dancing to it, making it! The highlight of your week is Mainly Music, and I love how you show mw the songs and dances you've done. You always want music on in the house, and can't go yo sleep without it. You sing songs all day long... Nursery rhymes, Wiggles and your most requested song is the Glee version of the Beatles song 'Hello Goodbye".

I love starting my days off with your, 'Good morning, Mama!' and the feeling of those two little arms clasped around my neck, and nothing makes my day more than that face-splitting grin when I walk towards the car when you pick me up from work each day.

I love you, Mayana Joy Shanae, you are the sunshine of my life. Don't ever stop being you, my darling girl.

Love Mama

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