Sunday, 13 February 2011

Our New Life

I do apologise for being absent. Life has been crazy, busy… but it’s going great!

We are (mostly) settled into our new home, and I am (kind of) settled into my new job.

We found a gorgeous Queenslander to live in… it feels like a mansion after the tiny unit we’ve been living in for five years. It has three massive bedrooms, a lovely big air-conditioned lounge room and a wrap-around sunroom. The kitchen is huge, with loads of bench space, and I love cooking in it. Our bedroom is HUGE and has a gorgeous bay window with a box window seat. The back yard is enormous… it’s literally hard to see the back fence from the deck. Mayana is going to love playing in it, and we are planning on getting some laying hens. Peter, however, is not so thrilled at the prospect of mowing it all!! Once it’s all completely unpacked and looking beautiful, I’ll take you on a photo tour.

My job is fantastic. I’m working with a really awesome team of people, who are making me feel so welcome and being so patient with me as I learn. The work itself is so different to what I would have imagined myself doing, but I am enjoying it. I’m looking forward to getting some classroom teaching time as well though, which should happen in the next few weeks!

We are enjoying our new town, and starting to figure out where everything is. Our house is only a 25 minute walk to the centre of town, and we’ve been enjoying evening strolls looking at all the beautiful Queenslanders and familiarising ourselves with the town. We walk up to a park near the local theatre, where Mayana has a few goes on the slippery-dip before we walk home. She’s such a creature of habit, that as soon as she eats her last mouthful of dinner she proclaims, “walk time!!”, and we have to go! She certainly keeps us honest.

On Thursday nights, we’re starting a tradition of heading to a nearby beach-town, and indulging in fish and chips on the beach for dinner. Okay, so we’ve only done it twice so far, but so long as it’s not raining, our plan is to do it every week. Mayana LOVES it last week, and asks to go almost every day. She splashes in the ocean, runs (like, really rungs – I' never knew such little legs could move so fast!!), and collects shells. We’ve had to buy a big glass jar for her to keep her shells in, and I’m sure she’ll add to it each week.

Things are good here, I think we’ll be happy. We’re very much enjoying having our own space again and are starting to feel settled already.

We don’t have internet yet, but I can connect my computer to the ‘net through my phone, so I’ll try to get on for some more regular updates!

Hope everyone out there in blogland is going well!

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