Sunday, 13 February 2011

Making Her Eat

Our Mayana Berry is quite a petite little girl. She’s two, and not yet 9.5kgs. The biggest clothes she wears are a size 0, and on Friday, she wore a 0000 pair of pants!

After all those stressful months before she was one, where doctors tried to tell me she had failure to thrive, and she had to have tests and I had to weigh her nappies and make her eat… Well, I have made my peace with all of that. I know she didn’t have failure to thrive, and I know she will always be a small person.

But… I can still be a little paranoid, when she goes for days where she just picks at food, and there no bigger numbers on the scales even when it’s a month between weigh-ins. You know things are getting bad when she even turns down hot chips or cake.

Peter and I are always trying to come up with new ideas to make food a little bit more exciting to entice her to eat more. From bribery to making faces on crackers… we’ll try anything if it means that girl will eat!!

This was our most recent trick, and let me just say, it was a huge success.


We had pasta, frozen peas (which she calls ‘green ice-cream’, and loves), a bickie, grapes, frozen berries, and a couple of mini m&ms (which were gone by the time I turned the camera on). She ate everything except for a couple of peas which had defrosted and gone mushy. I was so proud.


Pete and I have been coming up with lots of different ideas of things to put in the muffin papers, to keep things different and exciting. If you have an awesome idea or something that your toddler loves, please let me in on the secret!!!


And now, just because it was so cute and I can’t not share… This morning,  Mayana got up before us. We thought she was just playing in her room, which she was, but when we got up, we found that she had also been busy in the kitchen. My very clever two year old had gotten the bowls and cups out of the cupboard and set the table for breakfast! Bless.IMGP8458 

And because it’s been a few weeks since you’ve had a photo of my little honey:


Look how grown-up she’s looking!!! IMGP8425And tuckered out after a big walk to the markets with Papa. Look at those yummy little legs!!!

*Sigh*. Cutest. Toddler. Ever.

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  1. 2 and setting the table for breakfast? what a clever girl! I love the idea you have, anything different I find is good. My 5 year old at that age was loved things like 'chicken on a stick' so chicken kebabs, tiny meatballs, anything that looks cute, I think. good luck


Thank you!!


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