Sunday, 12 September 2010

We’re Still Alive…

And busy!! We’ve just finished week two of internship, which means we’re one third of the way through… and I should know, because I spent this week teaching fractions.

Internship is great. On Friday I even got the chance to teach my class all by myself for the entire day, while my teacher was filling in for another teacher who was away. The school has cottoned on to the fact that we’re allowed to be unsupervised (being interns and all), and so are saving themselves some TRS (Teacher Relief Scheme) dollars. Yay for us! Because it’s a totally different experience being the teacher in the classroom all by yourself. And I’m proud to say that myself and the 15 kids (the class is usually bigger but some were at a sports carnival) I was in charge of all survived, and even better, we all had fun! It’s  a very big and welcome boost to my confidence.

We also celebrated our five-year wedding anniversary on Friday, but that deserves its own post.

Mayana is loving things here… surprise surprise. She’s settled herself into a routine, and her and Nana keep each other very busy. She’s growing up so fast, and being away from her for the better part of the day five days a week I’m really noticing it. Her vocabulary is expanding at a rate of knots, and she has around 100 words that she uses consistently and in context. She’s also starting to string two words together (eg. “Go away”, “No more”, “Yes please”, “Thank you”) I love it! And it sure makes life easier for Nana.

I’ve got a few piccies from the last week or so, which I thought you might enjoy :) IMGP5714 Playing on the swings in the park, when Kami, Opa & Lala came for a flying visit for Fathers Day last week.

IMGP5720 Mayana eating lunch in her “Geen Bibby”.

IMGP5737 Crached out at the park after lunch.

IMGP5738 Just like Opa. Can you tell they’re related?

IMGP5741 Mayana and Pop and their late afternoon institution, watching Deal or No Deal together.


Can you tell she loves it here?


  1. trully magnificent

  2. Very sweet, looks like she really loves hanging out with them.

    And hats off to you for doing a uni course with a little one - it's not so easy!



Thank you!!


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