Thursday, 12 February 2009

Packing for a newborn...

Mayana is 5lbs, 12 0z, less than half a meter long, and yet, we need to take a car full of baby paraphernalia to accommodate her for a mere 7 days away... I'm not even sure that Pete and I will be able to fit anything for ourselves besides underwear.

Let's see...

* baby clothes. Stuff for if it's warm, stuff for if it's cool. *note to self* pack twice more than we think we'll need because she'll probably cover at least half of them in poo. Ooh, and don't forget socks!
* 1 box of nappies
* pack of baby wipes
* bum cream
* cotton wool
* bathing stuff (shampoo, bath drops, lotion for massage, powder etc, baby towel)
* Muslin wraps, flannel wraps, cotton jersey wraps (to cater for all the 'what-ifs')
* Portable crib
* safety rolls
* lambskin
* breast pads
* Nappy bag
* pram
* breast pump & bottles (sterilizer???)
* dummy sterilizer

I *think* that's about it... can you think of anything else??

Thank the Lord we got a bigger car!!!


Thank you!!


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