Sunday, 27 January 2008

Week 4

This week we had the most beautiful full moon. It was gloriously big and was hanging so low in the sky that you felt like if you just reached out you would be able to touch it.

My husband, mum and sisters and I decided to take the opportunity to head down to the Noosa Spit (rivermouth) and take some photos. We watched the moon rise over the water. It was so eerie- there was no one else around, no light apart from the moonlight that we were being bathed in. The sound of the waves and the reflections of the moon on that water. It was gorgeous.

I haven't the most steady of hands, and I only have a simple 'point-and-shoot' digital camera but I was still pretty proud of a couple of my shots. You can see in one the big moon and it's reflection on the ocean. I also was playing with the camera by moving it around while the shutter was open on night shot. I was really excited when this one turned out in the shape of an almost love-heart!

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