Sunday, 27 January 2008

Tara Road

This weekend, I watched the movie Tara Road. It is a really lovely story based on the Maeve Binchy novel by the same name.

I watched it around this time last year and really loved it. Between then and now however, I actually read the novel. I have to say second time round with the movie I was really dissapointed! Knowing how much more there is to the story I was left wanting more from the movie.

When I watched it last time, I knew no different so I thought it was a beautiful story (which it is) but now it's like I know how much is missing and it's not the same.

Books are ALWAYS better than movies!


  1. Not True.
    Ella Enchanted movie is waayyyy better than the book.
    This is also the same with Princess Diaries - better storyline in the movies that in any of the books.
    Just thought i'd let you know.

  2. oh byt the way that last comment was sent by me - Alexie. ha.


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