Saturday, 3 November 2012

home sweet home

Tonight will mark one week since we moved into our new home.

We are feeling settled here already, and I think every night so far Peter and I have looked at each other and said I love our new house! We really do. It suits us very well. As much as we have loved living in our Queenslanders, there is something wonderful about being the first ever people to be living in this brand new house!

I feel as though things will be easier here. It’s the little things, like the fact that the laundry is inside my home. I can easily pop on a load of washing on the way to the kitchen in the morning – and I don’t have to duck downstairs leaving a screaming baby or balancing him on one hip and an overloaded basket on the other. Because the laundry is inside, Mayana can help me with putting clothes in their proper washing baskets, and collecting her folded laundry to put away.  Plus there is a living area right in front of the kitchen bench… the perfect spot for Reuben’s play gym and a few toys, where he can see me when I’m in the kitchen. It’s so much easier to get things done! The kid’s playroom is right near the living space, not right down the other end of the house, and the TV is in its own loungeroom, which we don’t go into until later in the day, and Mayana is watching far less ABC2 without the TV right there nagging her. It’s all just so convenient.

We are pretty close to being unpacked, and when we are I’ll give you a proper tour of things.

I just want to segue momentarily and just say what an amazing experience it was moving with the help of our church family. Our lovely friends (and Reuben’s Godparents) Brad & Petrina had done a few loads for us with their trailer through the week, and I had done my best to get as much else organised at the old place as I could while still living with my two small children. Saturday morning, we had just finished breakfast and were pottering around organising things when the hoards descended. I think we ended up with three trailers and a ute, and more helping hands than I could count. In less than three hours, the house was completely emptied, and our amazing friends had even started in on the cleaning. Meanwhile at our new place, more friends (including some very capable and wonderful young teens) had been taking care of our children. One of these lovely young ladies even stayed with us for the entire afternoon to entertain the kids while we got some essentials unpacked. Later that evening, her Mama came to our house, set our table ever-so-beautifully, and provided us with the most delicious meal (um, peanut butter chocolate brownies with salted caramel ice-cream anyone?) We had other friends come in with cold drinks (oh how we needed those) and delicious food throughout the day. Pete had help doing the yard clean up at the other place this week, and one of our friends even came to do mowing and a dump-run while Pete was back at work! I cannot even say how completely and utterly blessed and honoured and blown away I felt by people’s willingness to just help us and bless us. I love being a part of this group of people!!

So. Things are going well at this new home of ours. The children have adjusted seamlessly – I think our decision to completely set up their room the day we moved in has helped with that. While this house has more bedrooms and two living spaces, in square meterage it is smaller, which has meant we have to downsize some of the stuff we own. I’m quite happy about this, and am looking forward to holding a garage sale (hopefully next weekend) and getting some of our excess and unnecessary bits and pieces off our hands.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying making this lovely, brand new house into our home sweet home and can’t wait to show it off to you!


  1. How wonderful! Its great to see friends come together to help. Can't wait to see your new home.

  2. What a true blessing! Isnt it wonderful to have people in your life who dont mind getting in and helping!


Thank you!!


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