Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Reuben’s Dedication

We had Reuben dedicated last weekend. I intended to blog about it much sooner, but all of a sudden here we are, nearly two weeks after the fact! Where does the time go?

Reuben’s dedication was absolutely wonderful. In case anyone is wondering, a dedication is somewhere between a baby baptism or christening and a naming ceremony.

IMG_7416Reuben was beautifully behaved, and barely made a peep for the entire service.

It was about Peter and I affirming our intentions to raise Reuben in the ways of God and entrusting him to the plans that God has for his life. We also had Reuben’s Godparents (my sister, Alexie and our lovely friends Brad & Petrina) alongside us, and they made a promise to help us to do these things, as well as making their own commitment to praying for him, and helping to guide him along life’s path.


The service was incredibly beautiful. I’ve been to many such services in my time, and I can honestly say that this was my favourite… Our pastor did such a lovely job at interweaving the dedication into the service, instead of just tacking the dedication part on at the end. His sermon was about what it means to be a parent, and the concept of ‘it takes a village’ and how much more true and important it is in the church. I loved it, and I loved that our church family was part of our special day too.


We were so blessed to have many family and friends join us for the day. Members from both sides of our family (including extended and adopted!) travelled to be with us.

IMG_7404It meant a lot for me to have my Pop with us at the church service.

Some of our favourite friends, the Johansens (Mayana’s Godparents) travelled all the way from Brisbane to be with us… this was made even more special by the fact that they brought their beautiful son Max with them. It was the first time we had met Max, and he is soooo precious and my heart melted watching our beautiful friends be such beautiful parents.

IMG_7498Reuben & Max are destined to be best friends. Mayana in fact declared that they will be “Best buddies forever and ever!” Katherine & I wholeheartedly agree! (By the way, Max is 8 weeks old to Reuben’s 16 in this photo! My kid is a runt!!)

IMG_7513Mayana used her sweet big-sister skills to love up her ‘fairy-god-brother’

After the dedication service, our friends and family joined us for a picnic in the rose gardens across from our house. There was fun and laughter and delicious cake, and a lovely afternoon was had by all.


Thank you to everyone who came to be a part of Reuben’s big day. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family to support us in our parenthood journey.


  1. This is so precious Zoey - goodness, you guys just have the most beautiful little family :)

  2. It looks like it was a wonderful day. The photo of Reuben in your grandfathers hands is an incredible shot

    1. It was a beautiful day, thanks Michelle :) that photo is definitely one of my favourites, it needs to be printed on a canvas huh!?

  3. This looks like such a gorgeous day. You guys are so blessed. I love that last shot of your whole family!

  4. Yay, sounds like it was a prefect day!
    Also, two weeks late is nothing. Lior was dedicated when he was a month old and I STILL haven't blogged it!! Ah!!

  5. Looks like a lovely day! Funnily enough Mia's Baptism was one thing I actually posted about as soon as it happened, lol.

    P.S. No obligation but I have given you an award on my blog -


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