Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Four Months

Mister Reuben..


Four months seems so big! You are no longer my squishy newborn… you’re getting bigger and learning new things every day. More of that personality of yours is starting to shine through, and I’m beginning to figure out who you are and what you like and what you don’t like.



This month we have had a few firsts… like your first solids for example! So far you’ve tasted pear, pumpkin, apple, sweet potato, avocado, cauliflower, carrot and of course farex. You love the fruits, and are getting a bit better with some of the veggies. The other day we went away for the day, so I brought an organic apple and mango puree from Aldi for you. You went berserk for it! I couldn’t fill up the spoon quick enough! I think you’d eat that every day if you could, but I don’t want you getting a sweet tooth too early on. Plus, I want you to eat the food I’ve made you!


You also had your first chiropractic visit. Your vomiting was getting to a stage where Mama just couldn’t cope any more. We went out to your sister’s dance concert one evening after you’d eaten pumpkin, and you vomited bright orange vomit the whole time. Literally filled two ‘pukey cloths’.. and then some. The next day after your feeds you vomited huge puddles all over my floors (thank God they’re wooden!) every time. You have vomited like this since pretty much the day you were born, and of course the more you’re wanting to eat, the bigger the vomits. That day though, I had just had enough. On the verge of tears I rang to make an appointment with the Chiropractor – a lovely man who goes to church with us. I know that chiropractic can be a little controversial, but at this point I was willing to try anything. The session went well, he made a few adjustments to your spine and we were on our way. I also got some advice from my doctor-uncle that afternoon, and he suggested trying a few different things including cutting down the volume of your feeds a little and trying out some infant gaviscon. I’m a very bad scientist and changed too many variables at once, so I can’t be sure what the determining factor is… but the good news is SOMETHING IS WORKING! At the very least I’m confident that the chiropractic has helped your sleep. You’re so much more settled, much easier to get to sleep and having beautiful long naps through the day with no fuss at all, and no waking between sleep cycles. At this point I’m only giving you a half dose of gaviscon and only in your bottles… which is only two out of five or six feeds a day. And these days, you’re lucky to do maybe two or three tiny possits after each feed… which is SUCH a nice change from the massive puddles of vomits that you were literally doing constantly all day long… even hours after you’d fed!

I feel like our life has changed! I’m no longer scared to give you to other people to hold, and I don’t have to have a terry cloth draped over every outfit, you no longer need three changes of clothes a day, and best of all… I no longer smell of puke!


You’re getting stronger every day little man. You can quite easily roll from your tummy to your back, and with a little help you have no worries going from your back to your tummy. Today, I watched you do that all by yourself for the very first time! You haven’t repeated it for Papa to see yet though.. cheeky boy. You love to be upright, and like to stand up on our laps while we hold your hands. I don’t think that sitting will be too far off for you. When you are on your tummy you push yourself right off the ground, and you manage to wiggle yourself halfway around the lounge room when I lay you on your sheepskin! You’re also enjoying the new experience of using the Jolly Jumper!


Your nights are going well, we are down to one wakeup a night now, with the occasional night sleeping right through (oh how I wish they were more often). Your Papa now will often give you a bottle in the night, he loves the time to snuggle you. I think he misses you a lot, and he’s finding it a little hard not being with you all the time when he was so hands on and always there when Mayana was born.


You’re still drooling like a mad thing, and those teeth are just there… little white dots all along your gums. You LOVE chewing on my fingers, and I can tell you that sometimes it hurts, and I’m not necessarily looking forward to the extra pain that will accompany those little pearly whites of yours.


You’re beginning to really recognise people Reubs, and when you see someone that you love.. especially your sister or your Papa, you flap your arms and legs and grin so big your face nearly splits in half. I love the way you flap your arms about when you’re excited, it’s super cute. You still adore your sister, and she is the one who can calm you down best. The other day you woke up from your nap in a really bad funk. You screamed until your throat was hoarse and nothing I did would calm you down. I was just about beside myself, until your sister walked up to you and began to sing you a song. Two words into the song you stopped crying and by the end of it you were grinning at her. Amazing she is, I’m so glad to have her around!


You’re far more chatty this month, we hear lots of cooing and grunting from you. You are so close to giggling, especially if I tickle your ribs. You kind of make this big “Ha!” sound, just on the edge of a chuckle but not quite there. I can’t wait.


I love you Reuben, you’re my favourite ray of sunshine and I love your guts.

Love, Mama


  1. As if he couldn't get any cuter...he just did! Oh my goodness I just love his face! And his guts haha.

  2. He's getting so big!! What a sweet little boy he is. I love the way you describe his and Mayana's relationship. So blessed. :-)


Thank you!!


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