Friday, 3 August 2012

Fun Lunches

In my never-ending efforts to get my Mayana Berry eating, I have this week challenged myself to make lunch super exciting and deliciously healthy for her….


Monday: Dried mango hair, crackers with cream cheese and cherry tomato eyes, date nose, celery with peanut butter and craisin mouth + walnut ears.


Tuesday: Vegemite wrap hair, cherry tomato eyes, snowpea nose, celery with cream cheese and craisin mouth and peanut butter cookie ears.


Wednesday: Caterpillar with rye bread body stuck together with peanut paste, capsicum legs, cherry tomato and raisin eyes, and celery antennae and mouth.

The best news is… every single morsel of food was devoured from all of these plates! Go Mayana! Anyone got any more creative ideas to throw at me?.

(Thursday & Friday are kindy days, and we’ve been doing ‘muffin tin’ lunches, including goodies like star-shaped sandwiches, dried fruit, celery and carrot sticks with dip, apple slinkies, wraps.. and other favourites!)


  1. Those are so cool, particularly that caterpillar, it's awesome! Nice job! No extra ideas for you here but I think in a few years time I will be stealing these!

  2. You are SUCH an awesome mum!!


Thank you!!


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