Friday, 27 July 2012


Fourteen Weeks

Week 14

I love you beautiful boy. This week you have not been your normal happy self. We’ve still had some smiley moments, but you’ve cried more often than not. Despite that we’ve had plenty of fun, and a few firsts… your first beach visit, your first kid’s birthday party (well, where you were actually awake anyway!!) and your first giggle. I think you surprised yourself when you produced a laugh, and we’ve only heard it a few times since. You’re becoming a little more vocal, and starting to goo and coo a little more, which I absolutely adore. You’re *that* close to rolling over, if only that darn arm wouldn’t get in the way all the time! You’re a wriggle pot and can turn yourself around and off your sheepskin mat, and make your way from one end of the cot to the other while you’re supposed to be sleeping.

I love you Reubsy boy.

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