Tuesday, 31 July 2012

{Point + Shoot} Lovely Weekend

This weekend was indeed lovely.

It started off on Friday, with afternoon tea with a work friend… I had my first attempt at macarons. They were ‘lemon meringue’ macarons – except that the lemon part was actually predominantly lime, since I have them growing in my garden. They were not perfect, but were totally delicious. I look forward to improving my technique with my next attempt!


We also had friends over for dinner that night. I don’t know if it was something I ate or a late night or stressful day a combination of any of these but for some reason I had an awful gall bladder attack. I have these on occasion, and this is my third in about two months. They’re awful, but not frequent enough for me to psych myself up for surgery (which as far as I’m aware is pretty much the only treatment).  I hope that will be my last for a while now! After being awake since around 2am, I had finally had enough at 5am and Pete got up with me and made us cups of tea and we watched the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Despite the yucky reason, it was a lovely way to start the day with my husband.


After a lazy morning, we went to help out at our church working bee for an hour or two, then met my sister and her hubby in the park for coffee… where I spotted the cutest plumbers crack I’ve ever seen!


Next was a quick trip down to the Bay, where we found picked up a fantastic bargain… our new MixMaster!!! I am so. flipping. excited about this!!


Sunday morning, Mayana looked after her little brother while Peter and I christened our new toy, making waffles for breakfast. Yum!


And for the second time since Reuben was born, we made it to church on time! (we start at 9:45am)


After church we headed to a cultural festival being held in a town not too far away. My sister joined us, and we met some of our friends down there. We had the best time… choosing delicious food to eat, eating waaaaay too much of it, enjoying fun music and perusing market stalls.


Bethanie enjoyed carrying Reuben around in my new and fantastic sling for a while.. (and do you like Reuben’s new hat!?)


And Mayana discovered a way to hitch a ride on our pram.


Our friends have the same pram as us, and I thought it was so funny… the two dads and their matching prams. Even funnier that at this point Pete was only pushing Mayana’s baby doll Georgie!


Reuben was quite happy to share his pram with Georgie though… at some points of the day he even joined her in it!


After filling up on savouries, we decided to try some amazing locally made ice-cream. There’s always room for ice-cream! Mayana loved having the day with her buddy Max.


His little sister Grace is just gorgeous, though wasn’t too impressed to be watching us all eating our ice-creams and not offering to share!


And just like that our lovely weekend was over. Home we went, to spend some time with our poor neglected baby chick (yes, really… more on that later)… then very early to bed.

I love weekends like this!!

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  1. That picture of Mayana with Reuben is just gorgeous! I love it! They both look so content


Thank you!!


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