Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Incredible Imagination of Mayana {or} Things I Don't Want to Forget

Seriously, this kid is just blowing me away and cracking me up so much lately.

She has discovered her imagination.

Imaginary friends, imaginary toys, imaginary phone calls, iPads, cameras... You name it, she's imagining it. And it's the cutest thing ever.

For example:
The other day we were grocery shopping at Aldi, and Mayana was taking photos with her imaginary camera. Then she started crying. I asked her why, and she said she had dropped her camera, and it smashed! Papa had to find the pieces and fix it and give it back to her.

A few days later, we were shopping again and went to the bathroom. I hung my handbag on the hook behind the door. Mayana, who has been bringing a handbag with her everywhere she goes lately, had forgotten hers that day. Still, she asked me to hang hers up too. She told me that her handbag was like the one Opa got her from China, but it was orange, not blue.
After we had used the toilet, and taken our handbags off the hook, we went to wash our hands. She put her handbag on the bench, and we were halfway out the door before she remembered that she hadn't picked it up. We had to go back, and I had to lift her up so she could get her imaginary handbag off the bench.

One afternoon, I was using the iPad, and her Papa told her to come and get it off me because he wanted it. I told her no, I was still using it. So she walked back over to her Papa and said, 'Mama's using it, but here, you can have my little one,' and handed him an imaginary iPad (haha Papa).

Friends-wise, her newest best friends are mostly characters from Monster's Inc (her new favourite movie). She is always hanging out with Boo, Sully and sometimes Mike Wazowski. She even takes Boo to the toilet, to help her be a big girl. She also has a friend called Lucas, who is a girl. We're not sure where she got that name from. Her friends come most places with us, and she'll often hold their hands or make us hold their hands.

She has imaginary phone conversations with people every day. Usually Opa, Kami or Lala. Full on conversations, with pauses while she 'listens' to them, and jokes that make her laugh. It's hilarious.

I love that she has an imagination, I hope she can hold on to it.

While I'm sharing Mayana funnies, here's another one I want to write down before I forget it.

The other day we were having lunch with Boo & Lock Lock, and Mayana was having a great time playing outside with their puppy Dusty. We could hear her telling him off... 'no Dusty, stop it! Stop it! I'm going to go and tell your Mummy!'

She ran inside to Bethanie and said, 'Boo! Dusty is eating a stick and he won't stop it!'

I just love the way her mind works.

I also love that she loves reading, and that the other night the reason she was crying when she was supposed to be going to sleep was because, 'I haven't read enough books today!'

I love that she listens and comprehends well enough to link what happens in stories to her own life, and to what happens in other books... I have students who are 6 or 7 years old who can't do that!

And while I'm busy boasting, can you believe my two year old has such good fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination that she can use scissors to cut perfectly along a straight or slightly curved line? Again, I have prep students that can't do that!

Being with this girl is an awesome adventure, a constant surprise. She makes me smile and burst with pride every single day.

I am so beyond blessed to be her Mama.


  1. Gorgeous!
    These little people are just precious, aren't they?

  2. WHAT a cutie!! So blessed Zoey. xo


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