Monday, 31 October 2011

Getting My Art On

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be sent by my school to a very awesome Oxlades art Professional Development day. My sister got to come too, so basically, I got to hang out with my sister, and paint, and learn sweet new art skills all day long. It was brilliant.

We mostly worked with water colours, which is probably my favourite type of paint and technique, so I was a happy girl!

Here are the beautiful pieces of art that I got to create.


The turtle was done with Micador water colours


For the owl I used a Micador tempera painting station


For the lizard we cracked open our Koh-I-Noor brilliant water colour discs (this was by far my favourite variety of watercolour).


And for the fish and the bird I used a mix of the paints.. but mostly the brilliant water colours because I was so in love with the palette.


My favourite is definitely the fish. But we had so much fun creating all of them! Once we were done with our animals, we got to try out a few different techniques using water-soluble graphite, charcoal, various shades of graphite pencil with vegetable oil, oil pastels and water-soluble oil pastels. It was very cool, and made us feel very artsy. I think my favourite of these is the water-soluble graphite, which is in the top left.


It was an awesome day, and best of all we walked away with a huge goody bag filled with all of the different types of paints and other art materials we had tried out that day!

Yahoo for awesome PD courses Smile

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  1. Beautiful Zoey. They would look so good framed and hung on the wall. Absolutely love the colours.


Thank you!!


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