Friday, 9 September 2011

Time flies....

It's hard to believe that this day six years ago was the eve of my wedding day! We spent the day decorating the reception venue, re-making the chocolate spoons (we gave our guests engraved chocolate-dipped spoons, and I had made them a week or so before only to find that the chocolate had gone white and weird the day before... Stress!)
We took our very lovely little flower girls (who are now very grown-up teenagers) out for haircuts and lunch. We met up with family at the Big Pineapple for parfaits. We had a wedding rehearsal that made us teary (none on the big day though!), and a fun kebab-a-que at the in-laws that gave our extended families the chance to get to know each other.

I remember when we were out that day, having to stop myself blabbing to random strangers that tomorrow was our wedding!
Peter and I spent the entire day grinning goofily at each other and saying, "we're getting married tomorrow!!"

Now here we are, on the eve of our 6th wedding anniversary. How much we have been through together in those six years! We've moved to two new towns, completed university degrees, and become parents to the most awesome kid around! We've had ups and downs, sure... But they only make us closer, because we have learned to lean on each other (and on God!) and somehow the hard times always make us stronger in the end.

I love being Peter's wife (how I hope those words never stop giving me a thrill!) and I LOVE that I get to do life with him.

Happy anniversary babe... Love you millions!


  1. Happy anniversary.
    hope you guys have a magical day (again)!
    It's so beautiful to be a proud, blessed wife (or hubby).

  2. Happy Anniversary for the other day! Hope you guys found the perfect way to celebrate!


Thank you!!


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