Tuesday, 29 March 2011

SO looked after.

We had one of those weird adventures this evening... you know, one of those annoying things you'd rather not have happened at all. But the cool thing was, in spite of it all, God found a way to show me that he was looking out for us.

We've been having annoying issues with our car. Like, we'll be driving along and the car suddenly stops. Not so cool. It always comes good in the end, and we have been asking around about a good mechanic in our new town to try and organise to get it fixed.

So anyway, we randomly decided to go out to Subway for dinner with my sister. We got our sandwiches, jumped in the car to come home and ... nothing. That car wasn't going nowhere. So we decided to give it a bit of time. We went back inside and ate our dinner, back out and guess what.... still no cigar!

RACQ time. Only problem is, stupid me hadn't paid my membership fee. Drats. An extra $28 on top of my annual fee to waive the 24 hour waiting period, and we're sitting waiting for the RACQ man... who will take up to 60 minutes. With my sister and my starting-to-get-tired-and-cranky toddler.

Thankfully, only waited less than 20 minutes. Bad news was that the car was not going to start. The word 'towing' was mentioned. C-rap! Here we are on a rainy night, a good few kms from home, with no pram. Argh!

I was mere seconds away from a full-blown anxiety attack when - and this is the awesome part - one of my work colleagues ever-so-randomly pulls up next to us! "Can I take you somewhere?" she says. How wonderful! So we got home, and we didn't even have to walk! Pretty awesome stuff!

Just at that moment when it was all just about to get too much for me, God turns up and says, "Zoey, it's all good, I will stand by my promise and I will never leave you!" He's so awesome!

So the car is in the shop, and tomorrow we'll be a little bit poorer, but our car will start, and will hopefully not stop when we're in the middle of driving it.

And one day soon, because God looked after me with this awesome job and we can finally afford it, we will get ourselves an awesome and much newer car.

And I know God will look after us with that one too. Can't wait!

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  1. Praise God! :) Love how He always comes through when we need it.


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