Monday, 7 March 2011


One of the things that we find helps us in the ongoing battle to trick Mayana into eating encourage our Maysi to eat, is for her to help us with the cooking. She absolutely loves getting in on the action, and as soon as we step into the kitchen, she runs in and says, “Cuddle please, Mummy!”… which is code for “lift me up higher so I can see what you’re doing please Mummy!”.

She gets to do baking with Papa at lest once a week, and helps me with dinner almost every night. And she sometimes even manages to be an actual help and not a hindrance. I love the time with her, even when it does take twice as long to do the job.

Last week, she helped me make Chicken Wontons.


First we laid out the wonton wrappers, then Mama put on a spoonful of chicken mixture. Maysi kept dipping her fingers in and trying to sneak mouthfuls of the raw meat. It took some convincing before she believed me that it just wasn’t the same as eating biscuit dough. Then Mayana painted on the water and cornflour mixture. This was her favourite part… mixing painting with cooking is almost too good to be true!


Then we folded over the wontons, and Mayana pressed them down…  IMGP8575

Just the edges! We didn’t want to squish the meat too much!

I wish I had a photo of the cooked product, but it was so yummy that it was all gone before I thought of it. The good news is, even Mayana enjoyed eating it!


And look… she even likes to wash up! A few more inches to grow and we’ll have her in there working for real!

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