Saturday, 8 March 2008

We're in the Gold Coast!

Staying in a really nice hotel, with a really nice view, spending really nice quality time together.

Today I bought cute red diana ferrari (?) shoes for $9.95!!!!

Tomorrow we are going to Movie World. I haven't been since I was about 11 and Pete has never been before! We got tickets for half price from myfun, because we're 'locals' (from Queensland).

Thismorning we got up at 5.00am and walked down to the beach to watch the sunrise. It was so beautiful. We're having a really good time together.

I know you're wondering, "if you're having so much fun why are you on a computer posting on your blog??" That would be because I had to go online to by my half price Movie World tickets and I paid for 30minutes and I plan to use the 30 minutes. I have 6 minutes left.

Hope you're having a nice weekend too :)

Zoey xx (and Pete)

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  1. You are SO gorgeous - that is exactly what I was thinking and your answer made me laugh.
    Glad you're both having a lovely weekend. You deserve it.
    Oh and bargains always help!!


Thank you!!


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