Monday, 24 March 2008

Easterfest 2008: AGMF turns 10

I had the most AWESOME easter weekend. I think it was possibly my favourite AGMF so far.

It was incredible - so much fun with family and friends.. awesome music... no sleep!! I love it.

There was music all day every day from about 8am-ish till 11pm-ish, but the main events were always the night concerts. First night was an exciting line-up of Compliments of Gus, The Lads (!!!!!!!!!!!), Matt Corby (screaming 13 year olds.. yay) and and incredibly talented bunch of musicians called newworldson. They are fabulous, from Canada, and are currently touring with the Newsboys. They just have so much energy and passion in their music and you can't help but dance.

Saturday night's headline artists were Jono McNeil (formerly of Jive Express), Geoff More, Alabaster Box and ..... NEWSBOYS!!!!!!!!! The crowd was phenomenal. As was the band of course. The most exciting thing was that their whole set was 100% about worshiping God. Their message was just what I needed to hear, and seeing a crowd of thousands (literally) of hands in the air praising our Lord was so goose-bumpy. It made me so proud.
The crowd at newsboys (excuse the quality, none of us had a tripod with us).

Sunday night was the combined church service, which is a free event for the community and there were thousands and thousands of people there. The entire ampitheater in Queens Park was filled, and there was overflow in all of the other big tents with a live link screen. So exciting.
After the church service was my favourite band... Jars of Clay!!!! They are so good.. I just love their music heaps. In the first half of their set, they did a whole lot of new songs that I didn't really know, but then they started to pull out some oldies. I leaned over to my friend Lyndall and said, "If they sing 'show you love' (my favourite of their songs) it will absolutely make my weekend". Then they finished their set. Everyone did the usual cheer of, "ONE MORE SONG!!!" - which is usually not responded to at AGMF because they HAVE to finish at a certain time because it's near a residential area. But.............. they CAME BACK!!! and the first song they sang was SHOW YOU LOVE!!!! I was so excited, I actually danced. And for those who know me, that is saying much (ooh at which point I should add, I actually went in the moshpit at Agmf this year - for newworldson... THAT's how good they are). It was so awesome.

So anyway.. that's just a quick overview.. I mean I only talked about the evenings, so I've obviously missed out huge chunks. Some of the other highlights were: the political debate between the National's Barnaby Joyce, who is pretty much my favourite politician, and the ALP's Shane Neuman; the Lad's question/answer session at the chai circle (one of the venues in the park), Scat's fancy pants ball, and catching up with people that I haven't seen in about 10 years!

Another highligh: our shoes. Alexie and I got the coolest tennis-style shoes, specifically for people to sign. Our left foot is the famous foot, and our right foot is for not famous people. They are SO cool, and all the famous people who signed them thought they were an awesome idea. Here they are:

Non-famous shoe (side 1). This shoe is signed by all the people who stayed at our house, and a few more. There was my mum and dad, Bethanie, Alexie, Jordan, Karlos, Lockey, Tjalara, Marina, Peter - and some other friends, Connie, Hannah, Dannah, Cassie, Brad, and then there is a random guy called Simon who was sitting with the girl from Maverick when she signed our shoe. We told them about the famous/not famous shoe thing, and he goes, "I'm not famous, can I please sign your shoe??"
Not-famous shoe, side 2.

Famous shoe, side 1. Famous shoes were signed by: Newworldson, The Lads, the girl from Maverick, Brendon Walmsley (who is my cousin and thought we were very strange to have him sign our shoes), Justin Michael from Compliments of Gus, Phil from Rookie, Tanya Gordon, and JARS OF CLAY (who also shook my hand, which you can touch if you want).

and famous shoe, side 2.

I am done writing for now, but I'm sure I'll come back with more tales from AGMF/Easterfest soon.. I am SO tired it isn't even funny. I haven't gone to be before midnight for about 4 nights, and woken no later than 7 for all except for 1 of those days.

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