Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Hello second trimester!

13 weeks today, and happy to be in the second trimester. I’m looking forward to feeling the perks of the second trimester.

IMG_8635A couple of weeks old, but I haven’t been feeling very photogenic this week!

While I haven’t been throwing up, I have been feeling a lot more seedy this pregnancy than I have in my others. I thought the nausea was gone, but this last week or so it’s back with a vengeance. I’m hoping it’s just here for a last hurrah, not to be seen again for the next 6 months or so! My gag reflex is totally overactive, which makes things interesting when changing the 4 or 5 dirty nappies Reuben produces each day *blergh*! And it’s definitely been more exhausting.. hello 8pm bedtime!

Other than that though, things seem to be progressing well. It’s that weird time of a pregnancy where you’re starting feel pregnant but not quite at the same time. My tummy has popped right out, and I’m already having to wear a belly band if I want to not be wearing maternity pants! I just can’t wait to start feeling those little flutters.

It’s interesting going through another pregnancy with yet another doctor. All doctors seem to do their antenatal process differently, and my new doctor comes from interstate and I’ve noticed a few things new to me so far. I had a bazillion blood tests a couple of weeks ago, and everything was perfect except for my Vitamin D levels, so I’m on a supplement for that. I’m also taking calcium… I bought some literally the day I found out I was pregnant, because I have had such awful teeth problems with both pregnancies and I don’t want that to happen this time. My doctor says that he’s always agreed with the old adage ‘you lose a tooth per pregnancy’. I told him that for me it’s two teeth. So far *touch wood* the calcium is doing its thing and I have not had so much as a twinge, which is pretty good considering that by this point of my pregnancy with Mayana two of my teeth had literally dissolved and I’d had to have two root canals!

It’s been interesting adjusting to the idea of being pregnant. We are so excited, and very happy about our number three, but it seems so huge to be having another child and not have prepared my control-freak mind about it before the fact. More kids than parents… more kids than hands! I’ve been thinking about Reuben and how he’s too little to understand what any of this means, and how Mayana was old enough to know that a baby was coming and what that meant when he was born. I wonder what difference that will make for him.. if we’ll have the ‘jealousy issues’ that we never experienced before with Mayana. Mayana is so excited, talks to the baby all the time and tells everyone that we have five people in our family now. If you ask her whether she thinks it’s a boy or a girl, she’ll reply emphatically, “It’s a girl. God told me”. I however, have had two very vivid dreams of a baby boy so far, so I guess we’ll just see!

One of my dreams was about labour, and if the real thing is going to be like that dream I can’t wait! It was amazing, and has me longing for that moment when the baby finally leaves your body and its warm, slimy self is placed on your chest, and how amazing that tiny weight feels against your skin.. the way the first thing s/he hears is how much his/her Mama loves him/her. Both of my two have looked straight up at me with huge blue eyes as if to say, “I know you,” and it’s just the most euphoric moment I’ve ever experienced and I have tears running down my cheeks just remembering it. That moment… looking forward to that moment… makes everything so much more bearable. I honestly can’t wait. Boy or girl.


Reuben, while we were introducing ourselves.

13 weeks down, 27 to go – give or take – and I can’t wait to meet the newest member of our family!

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  1. I as just wondering how I could have missed such exciting news only to see it was the post before. Congrats and best of luck. My eldest also wanted a sister, I prepped him that we don't decided, but have told him if the pictures are right it is indeed a sister, he came back with "I told YA"


Thank you!!


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