Wednesday, 22 May 2013

party like it’s the 1920’s

May is a big month in our family. With a bazillion birthdays AND mother’s day we are usually well and truly broke by the end of it. It was actually quite a kindness that Reuben decided to arrive a few weeks before his May due date!

This year was particularly special, as my dad and sister (whose birthdays are 5 days apart) both had big ones: a 50th and a 21st! It was decided that they would combine celebrations and before we knew it a great big 21st/50th 1920’s themed birthday bash was in the works!


The party was on Saturday night, and such a great time. It’s truly wonderful when you have a themed party and pretty much everyone joins in the fun and dresses up! And the 1920’s is a great era for dressing up.


We hired a gorgeous hall built in the early 1900’s, and which has been well maintained but not changed, and was the perfect character for our party. We decorated tastefully and simply with buntings and pompoms and strings of balloons, and a gorgeous dessert table.


The table decorations were strips of hessian with candles and flowers and looked so cute! We played fabulous swing music and ate delicious food and danced and had speeches and caught up with so many wonderful friends and family, old and new. It was a beautiful party, a lovely celebration of two of my favourite people. We even had four surprise visitors from WA arrive the night before the party, which made the whole thing even more special.

Most unfortunate was the fact that when we pulled out our DSLR to take photos, we discovered that the batteries were flat! Thank the Lord for smart phones eh? I don’t feel like we took nearly enough photos of the night – isn’t that always the way when you’re having a fabulous time? – but here are some of the ones we did manage to take:



One of the awesome features of the hall was the old ticket booth. We didn’t need to sell tickets but we sure had fun using the space as a photo booth! Such fun.


Even Reuben got dressed up! I made him the cute little bowtie, and the headpieces for Mayana and myself. Aside from my gloves, everything else we already had in our wardrobe!


My lovely Aunty/Godmother was one of our surprise Perth visitors. Our hall was in the country, and it was quite cool but our long gloves and faux fur and dancing helped to keep us warm. Oh, and the wine of course.


Mayana’s Godparents and our very dear friends Daniel and Katherine (and baby Max!) also came from Brisbane to party with us.


I think this photo of Daniel and Peter has to be one of my favourites from the night!


My Perth uncle and my brother Jordan look very dapper, don’t you think?



It’s not very often I get to have both of my beautiful grandmothers together! Don’t they look so lovely?


Oh so much fun in the ‘photobooth’!


1920’s is SUCH a fun theme for dressing up!

Did you do something fun on the weekend? We’re planning a pirate party for Pete’s 30th next month… what’s your favourite dress-up theme for a party?

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