Sunday, 14 April 2013

a flying adventure

Earlier this month, Reuben and I (along with my Mum, Dad, sister and brother) took a trip to Perth to attend my cousin’s wedding.

Mum, Jordan, Reuben and I had to leave this year’s Easterfest a day early to catch our flight. After some kerfluffles with our tickets (which thank the Lord we had Jordan with us because Mum and I were just about having kittens) we boarded the plane and took off on Reuben’s first ever flight.


waiting to board his first flight!

He was SUCH a good traveller. He was really antsy when we were waiting at the gate… whiny and crying and carrying on like a pork-chop. I was feeling a little worried about whether this behaviour would carry over to the plane, and I could see looks of trepidation in the eyes of my fellow passengers. However, after a bit of protesting during take-off (and no one can blame him for that!) once we were at altitude, Reuben snuggled into my arms and promptly fell asleep, and continued to sleep for the entire flight, until after we had landed!

We had a lovely time in Perth. Of course the highlight of the trip was seeing my beautiful cousin Emily get married to her husband Andrew. Their wedding day was gorgeous, and made all the more special by the opportunity to spend it with my awesome extended family who we definitely don’t get to see enough of!


Emily and Andrew’s wedding ceremony was beautiful and so God-focussed. Such a wonderful young couple, with a brilliant future ahead of them! It was extra special that the man marrying them is Emily’s grandad.


My date for the wedding scrubbed up pretty well huh?


and I felt pretty glamourous in my slinky little black beaded dress, which (I just have to gloat a little) cost me $10 on sale from $95!!!


There are no words to explain this.


I absolutely loved that I got to sit with these two beautiful cousins at the reception. I had such fun catching up with them!


Nothing like a bridal selfie!!

I was also very excited to introduce Reuben to all of the family for the first time, and in particular to my beautiful Oma.


Because we got to Perth the day before the wedding, the bride to be demanded as many cuddles with Reuben as possible, before she went off on her honeymoon!


Reuben meeting Sarah, his great Tante Christina and cousin Sam


Later in the week, Reuben and Sam had a playdate together. These two are about 11 days apart in age, but much more than that in size!


Oma enjoyed many snuggles with my petite man. She was happy that she was able to carry and cuddle him for longer periods of time, because he is not very heavy!


Reuben was pretty popular over in Perth. There was always a pair of willing arms ready for a cuddle, and they didn’t even mind that he comes with a pukey-cloth and an inevitable vomit stain. Lovely family!

Our time in Perth was both busy and relaxing. I feel like we packed in plenty of activity, but we also got lots of sleep-ins (seriously, Reuben slept until after 8am Perth-time – which I just have to point out is 10am Qld time – every single day we were there!). I unfortunately had a very unpleasant toothache episode whilst there, but luckily for me the uncle we were staying with is a doctor, and looked after me well!


I enjoyed spending some time with my lovely uncle and Godfather Oom Campbell,


and with my beautiful aunty/Godmother Tan Tan.


I got to sit next to another lovely aunty, Tante Anthea, when we went out for dinner one night.


After which, this may have happened.


And I had a fun day in the city shopping with these spunky people!

Above all I just enjoyed spending as much time with my very-loved family as possible. And it was extra special to be with them to celebrate my 26th birthday. I have never had a birthday in Perth or with any of my extended family from there before. The family made a huge effort to come together for a lovely dinner, and I appreciate it more than I can say. (So thanks!!)


A 26th birthday selfie!


So many awesome people came out to celebrate my birthday with me!


me with my cousin Zac


And with my beautiful Oma


And with my sister Alexie and cousin Caleb

Our flight home was scheduled for just on midnight, the night of my birthday, and a handful of cousins accompanied us to wave us off. Our flight ended up being delayed for an hour, so we plonked ourselves in the middle of the gate lounge and made the most of the extra unexpected time together. Reuben had been asleep at my uncle & aunty’s house but woke up when we were leaving, and stayed awake for our entire delay. But the kid is really a magnificent traveller, and this time managed to fall asleep during take-off, right in the middle of that it-feels-like-someone-is-sitting-on-my-head sensation you get as the wheels leave the tarmac. He slept the entire flight, as we got off the plane onto the tarmac and into the airport, through multiple arm-changes as we took turns using the bathroom, through collecting our baggage, and halfway out of the airport, only awakening when a screaming toddle was wheeled past us in a pram!


Having a fabulous time in the middle of the transit lounge in the middle of the night!


My angelic travelling baby…

Reuben and I missed the other half of our family very much, and were so happy to be reunited with them again. Reuben and Mayana hardly let go of each other for the rest of the day, it was absolutely the cutest thing ever.


Siblings reunited. So. Flipping. Cute.

And while it was definitely weird having a birthday away from my husband and daughter, I was one very lucky lady when I got home to the most fabulous surprise present ever…..


Seriously. More on that later.

We had a lovely time away, and I feel honoured that I was able to be present for Emily’s big day. I love my big wonderful noisy family, I’m so blessed to be a part of it! And I can’t wait to go back for more… but next time, I’m taking the rest of the family with me!

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  1. Glad you had a great time!!! How did you find it travelling having quit sugar? Was it easy enough? Love the sewing machine! Cant wait to see more of your dewing projects!!


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