Thursday, 21 February 2013

Dear Reuben {ten months}

Ten! Yes really. I had a minor heart palpitation when I realised that in two short months, you will be turning one! You are growing up so fast my darling boy, and I cannot believe that the first year of your life is drawing to a close.

Monthly pics

Reuben, 1 day to 10 months

This month has been huge for you Reubs. I have noticed such a change in you. You are far less baby and I can see far more toddler in you. You just seem to have come alive somehow. You are so much more interactive and cheeky, you love to engage us in your games and ‘conversations’. You laugh at funny things and respond to games like peek-a-boo, and you so desperately try to play with the big kids at playgroup and other outings.


This month you have perfected your crawling style. No more army crawl for you mister, now you’re up off the ground, usually using one knee and one foot to get around. If the ground is uncomfortable or feels funny on your knees, you use both your feet and do some kind of hilarious crab crawl. You pull yourself to your feet at any opportunity, and enjoy it when we hold onto your hands so you can walk with us. You love walking along the furniture in the lounge room, but know that crawling is faster! You also do this hilarious dancing, where you bring yourself up onto your hands and feet and kind of head-bang and bounce at the same time. That’s your favourite way to move to music.


In the last week or so you’ve figured out how to clap. You were watching me sing ‘If you’re happy and you know it clap you hands’, and you focused carefully on what my hands were doing. Next thing you held up your right hand very still, then slowly started flapping your left hand to hit it. You grinned the hugest grin as if to say, “I’m doing it!!!!” and have hardly stopped clapping since. When you are happy you clap your hands and yell out ‘Raaaaayyy!!’ which I’m guessing is a mimick of the way we ‘hooray’ you when you do something clever.

The first time Reuben clapped his hands….

You are such a dream baby Reubs. You eat well, you sleep well, and you’re generally a very happy boy. The only downer is your puking, but we’re working on that. You really do love your food, and sometimes out-eat your sister… already. I sometimes am shocked by the amount of food you can put away! You’re very tactile with your food and sooooo much messier than your sister ever was. Must be a boy thing. Even when we feed you, you still somehow end up covered in food. You love, for example, to take a spoonful of wheetbix out of your mouth and rub it through your hair. And when you’ve had enough food, instead of just refusing to eat anymore, you let us pop it in your mouth, then take it out with your hand and throw it onto the floor. You’re so cheeky sometimes boy-o!


You still absolutely adore your sister. No one can make you light up the way that she does. People often comment on it. She’s so patient with you too, even when you pull out handfuls of her hair, or mess up the shelves in the toy room that she’s just tidied. I hope you guys always feel about each other the way that you do now.


Another new skill of yours is waving. You’ve been working on this one for quite a while, but you get it now. When someone arrives at home, or is leaving, you quickly sit up straight and begin to wave. You especially love waving hello and goodbye to Papa when he leaves or comes home from work. You get so excited when Papa gets home, and if he doesn’t pick you up for a cuddle straight away, you yell crossly until he does. The two of you are great buddies, and he seems to have a calming influence on you. You love to sit and chill with Papa, but you cannot be still with me!!


You have four teeth now, and I think in the last few days you have been beginning to work on a few more. You have the two front top and bottom. Your top teeth look so huge in your little mouth, and they have the cutest gap between them. I’m kind of hoping they come together as your other teeth come in, because a braces bill at the end of all this won’t be so cute. You surprise yourself by chomping too hard on your fingers sometimes, and look at me as if to say, “What was that!!!?” The other day you slipped in the bath and managed to put one of your teeth through your lip – your first real accident with real blood. Of course it would be in the bath, where the water makes it look worse! You had a fat lip for a few days but you’re all better now.
When those teeth poke through your cheeky grin… it just gets me every time..


Can you see the teeth??

I love you my little buddy. I love this phase of you growing into a little boy, who knows what he likes and doesn’t and is beginning to be able to communicate that with us. You’re just the cutest, and I love having you in our family.


Love, Mama xx

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