Tuesday, 12 February 2013

a glimpse into a brain that never shuts up

On any given day, at any given moment, you can be sure that my brain is busy. Even if I'm giving the illusion that I'm veging on the couch watching TV, I can assure you, there's elventy billion things zooming around up there.

The main reason I declined the gas when I was in labour with Reuben was because when I'd had it with Mayana it made my thoughts go fuzzy and that was one of the scariest feelings I've had in my life.

And when Pete asks me what I'm thinking I never know what to say because I wouldn't know where to start.

Here's a glimpse of what's going on in my crazy brain right now.

I am so. over. vomit. Reuben's reflux is getting worse, not better. It's not cool that I have to mop pretty much every day to clean up the sticky snail trail that he leaves behind that is never quite all picked up by one of my ever present 'pukey cloths'. It's also not cool that I am wearing a bright purple patch of left behind blueberry vomit on my brand new dress. Because as if this whole reflux thing wasn't fun enough already, Reuben now manages to 'possit' (which by the way is such an inane way of describing what actually projects itself out of my son's mouth) solid food as well as milk. Sounds fun yeah? Especially when you're out or other people are holding him, or you have to change his (literally) stinking clothes three or four times every single day.

Brand new dress. I had the best shopping trip the other day. Three dresses for $40. One was $10 down from $95. Really. One was $15 from $35 and one was $15 from $80. And they all fit and all looked good. That my friends is a successful day. Even if one of them is now sporting purple puke.

I'm feeling pretty good about the fact that I easily found three dresses that fit and looked good. I'm also feeling pretty good knowing that I've lost nearly 5kgs in the less than three weeks since we quit sugar. It's going we'll. I'm not finding it half as hard as I thought I would.. Though Pete is finding cravings harder when he has 'no foods' under his nose at work every day. Tonight I ate plain, unsweetened, natural yoghurt with a sprinkle of cinnamon, and it didn't even taste a little bit sour. I think I have new tastebuds.

I found a recipe this week for salted caramel chocolate brownies that are sugar free and actually healthy. Things just don't get much better than that.

Mayana is one of the funniest kids I know. She makes me laugh every day from something she said. Sometimes she is trying to be funny (she has a mad sense of humour) and sometimes the funny just happens. Like yesterday when she asked me what our house was made of. When I told her brick she replied, "aaaah so that's why I can't blow it down..." Aah that kid!

She is also incredibly smart and it blows me away. I can't believe some of the stuff she knows and can do. She soaks up new knowledge and asks to 'do learning' every day. I hope that we and her future teachers can continue to keep her challenged and loving learning.

Having a boy is so different to having a girl. Boys are gross. Just saying. I don't remember Mayana ever reaching her hands down to her nether regions during nappy changes and smearing poo on both her and myself. Yes that really happened. He also has this thing about stretching... his ... thing as far as it will go and screams blue murder when I tuck it safely back inside a nappy. He also takes food out of his mouth when I feed him and rubs it in his hair. Just because he can. Think wheetbix. Totally gross.

Luckily the kid is especially cute... Almost enough to cancel out the vomiting and gross factors. He has these MASSIVE two front teeth with a big gap between them and when he shows them off with a grin it's just the cutest. He also has these hilarious sound effects, like the brrrrrm of a car and this deep growly roar which cracks me up!

I'm tired. Really should go to bed earlier. There is no logical reason to stay up past eleven o'clock every night. I get too caught up in watch TV series with Pete (we're doing Heart of Dixie and Parenthood at the moment) and making things. I'm taking orders for toadstool ikea stool covers and I've also done a few bunting orders lately. Today I started experimenting with little tooth fairy pockets made from super fine vintage crochet cotton and a 1.25mm hook. Cramping hands. I suffer for my art I tell you.

There are so many things I want to do... Things with the kids, things with Pete, cooking, playing, making. I'd love to start an art group for kids. I'd love to do more sewing and make clothes for my kids. I'd love to go back to work and teach kids in a classroom instead of over the phone and computer... Not yet but one day. I'd love to do something in missions and feel like I'm doing something for God outside of my little comfort bubble. I need more hours in the day but I guess we all feel that way to some extent!

Anyway. Enough of my blah for one night. My brain is still going, but my fingers have had enough!

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