Sunday, 13 January 2013

ten weeks of Reuben

I’m sooo behind, but I’ve trawled through my photo stream and caught right back up… I seem to be missing some photos, especially from our beach holiday in December… but…. At least I’m back on track! Here goes, ten weeks of the Reubenator, beginning in November.

week 29

Week 29

I have realised that I have many, many photos of Reuben eating. That’s because he eats a lot. This week, he tried his very first steak. He had lots of fun sucking the left over meat off Papa’s T-bone… his only complaint was that there wasn’t enough there!

week 30

Week 30

We had some visitors this week, a whole bunch of family and friends came up for Mayana’s dance concert. Reuben reaped the benefits with lots of cuddles and kisses. He also discovered BLOCKS! Oh and I just adore the picture of Reuben in his sister’s red car. It should be captioned, “Driving Miss Maysi”.

week 31

Week 31

This is a week of missing photos. One highlight of the week was when I took the kids on a steam train ride at market day. They both loved it, though Reuben was a little apprehensive of the very noisy whistle!!

week 32

Week 32

We had a visit to Great-Poppy Goose this week, for his 70th birthday. We also met Reuben’s birthday twin, born a mere 3 hours before him!

week 33

Week 33

Reuben’s hair is growing!!!

week 34

Week 34

And we’re on holidays… a whole delightful week at Bargara. Another week of missing photos. Must find them.

week 35

Week 35

More holiday snaps! The top right photo is my favourite of the two of us to date. Oh, and how wonderful is Reuben’s delightful new funny face, bottom centre. I LOVE it!

week 36

Week 36

Reuben’s first Christmas! We had a wonderful day, and a wonderful week leading up to it. We hosted Christmas this year, and in all the busyness and fun of the day, we were all VERY remiss in taking photos, and I have next to no photos of my poor fella on his very first Christmas. It makes my heart hurt a little if I think about it too much.

week 37

Week 37

We took a trip to Grandpa Ron & Grandma Suki’s farm for a second Christmas. Grandma made a full American style dinner, with turkey and all the trimmings. Reuben enjoyed the turkey and LOVED the Lemon Fluff. You couldn’t get it in his mouth fast enough!

That to-die-for photo of Reubs in the stripey orange t-shirt was his first of 2013. The little legend let us all sleep in until after 8am, despite having gone to bed very cranky at around 6pm the night before! Gotta love that!

I also have to point out  that bottom right photo. This is the cranky face that we get if we so much as think about putting food in our own mouths if his is empty. Not happy Jan!

week 38

Week 38

This week we had visitors! Reuben’s buddy Max is two months and one day younger, and pretty much the same size. The two of them had a wonderful time together, and were sooooooooo cute! Also, NEWS FLASH!!! Reuben is now very proficient at pulling himself up to standing position. He is getting quite confident, and will try on anything that is still for long enough…


And there we have it! Ten weeks of Reuben, and I’m back up to date! Only fourteen more weeks in Reuben’s fist year. Insanity I tell you!

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  1. I can't believe that rafferty isn9 months old today! This has motivated me to go back through the photos and catch up too.


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