Monday, 21 January 2013

Birthday Bunting {Free Printable}

As you may know, my gorgeous Mayana Berry turned FOUR on Friday!!

We/she had a wonderful day… and weekend… and there’s more to come with her Mermaid Birthday Party this coming Saturday. But more on all that later.

One of the things I did for Mayana’s birthday was to decorate the dining room beautifully for breakfast. I had a picture in my head which included ‘Happy Birthday’ bunting, but I couldn’t find any I liked online. So I did what any sensible person does late at night the day before her daughter’s fourth birthday, and made my own!

And since I had trouble hunting for a free printable birthday bunting, I thought that maybe someone else might be looking for one too, and thus, I’m posting it here for you to use too!

It’s fairly simple, not too big, but nice and colourful. It looks a little something like this:


And it prints out like this…


It’s pretty obvious, but all you need to do is cut out the pieces, fold down the flap and tape to a piece of string or ribbon (I used twine). I have two blank pieces (bunts?) on the printable, I put number ‘4’s in them, but you can put whatever you like, or just leave them off! If anyone is interested, the font I used is called ‘Irish Spaghetti’ and is my new favourite, you download it for free here.

You can DOWNLOAD THE BUNTING PRINTABLE by clicking this sentence.

And by the way, I did pull of the picture I had in my head. Mayana walked out of her bedroom to see this:



  1. Fantastic! I love the balloons hanging down like that too!

  2. Thank you SO much for the beautiful bunting - I'm going to use it in my classroom for a birthday chart (in Cape Town, South Africa) xx


Thank you!!


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