Friday, 11 May 2012

{So not a} domestic goddess


So this stay at home mum thing is great. I love it. But it does increase my housewifely expectations. Mainly the expectations I put on myself, but still!

Between breastfeeding, playing with Mayana, changing nappies, washing (the neverending chore with ‘happy chucker’ baby, and a three year old who is having a slight toilet-training regression – apparently normal when a new baby joins the family… she’s nearly over it THANK THE LORD!) I’m feeling pretty proud of myself for managing to mostly keep on top of the housework as well.

While I was in hospital, my mum (who is like, the most amazing housekeeper ever, who has super house-cleaning powers that I can only aspire to) did her magic on my house. Seriously, she made it look amazing. And it is my goal to keep it looking that way. It’s actually easier to keep a house tidy and shining when it has been made perfect. Partly because you just don’t let it get to a point where it’s all too much, and partly because when it looks so pretty you just want to keep it that way.

So I make lists, and take great pleasure in crossing things off it. I have learned that vacuuming the floors is the quickest way to make the house look pretty darn good. For some reason when the floors are freshly vacuumed things just look great. Also, baby wipes make for fantastic dust cloths. That bit of dampness picks up all of the dust, and they’re strong and don’t break apart. I’m a real fan. Anything that makes the chores quicker and easier is good for me. Those shower/bathroom wipes are also fabulous inventions.

I’ve been winging this stay at home mum thing for three weeks now, and I’m proud to say that the house is still in pretty top shape. The washing pile gets a bit deeper than I would like some days, but sometimes Mama naps are important. You can’t say that being a stay at home mum is boring… that’s for sure!!

1950s housewife I am not… but I do so like living in a pretty house!


  1. Proud of you and yes, your house is a delight to 'show off'. Maybe my magic has rubbed off on you? :)
    Love you. Xxoo

  2. Agh, this can be a high and a low. A few weeks ago I had the house running like a dream, I look around now and wonder how it could all go away so quickly! :P

    Right there with you on the floors. One great thing I finally figured out is that you don't have to do floors last. I used to wait until the entire house was sparkling to sweep/mop- that never happens. Now, I just throw everything on the floor onto something high, and mop. Clean floors make a huge difference to a house that is even still messy!

    Glad to hear you are loving your time at home :)

  3. I am no Martha Stewart either. My MIL cleaned the house to within an inch o it's life before I came home from hospital and unfortunately we have not done as well as you at maintaining.

    Thankfully we have a cleaner who comes. Unfortunately he doesn't clean for free like my MIL. Hubby has sadly accepted I will never get my cleaning act together lol

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