Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Have Money: Must Spend

Well.. not really. But... after spending five years as a 'uni bum' I am very much enjoying reaping the rewards of my labour. It's nice to have more than $5 left over after paying rent, bills, fuel and food. That I can throw out the jeans I've been wearing for the last 4 years and buy myself a new pair... That my very awesome husband and I can afford to go out on dinner dates!

And it's nice that when our old faithful commodore was on its last 'legs' (so to speak), we could actually consider applying for a loan to buy an {almost brand} new car without having to worry about the loan person flat-out laughing in our face as he kicked us out the door.

So when it came to be that our car needed new tires, new rego, and something that would stop it from not starting at the most inconvenient of times, we did something that we have never done before: we went car shopping!

We test drove a number of cars, talked to the Powers That Be about our budget, convinced them to trade in our car... and ended up with a very lovely dark metallic grey 2010 Kia Rondo. I know, I'd never heard of it before either. But I have to say, I'm definitely a very big fan. 2010 means that it is close enough to brand new but didn't depreciate as soon as we drove it out of the lot; that it still has 4.5 years of warranty and most importantly, it still has that brand-new car smell.  It's also a model that was some kind of demo given to the executives to drive very minimally, and so only had about 8000k on the clock!

{this isn't ours, but it looks exactly the same}

Mayana calls it 'Our Flash Car' (literally, every time she sits in it that's what she says), and I must say, Peter and I both agree with her. We indeed do feel very flash.

Love it!

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  1. Good for you girl!

    That's really awesome.

    And when you are missing Mayana at work, you can stop and think about your new car and miss her just a little bit less.

    Keep up the good work, and Pete too.


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