Thursday, 27 March 2014

Meeting their Brother

Wow! I can’t believe that it has already been more than three weeks since Mr Quinten joined our family! Surely he’s been part of our family for much longer than that. He is so loved in our little family, there are way too many arguments about who gets to cuddle him and when and for how long. So loved.

Three weeks and three days ago we met Quinten. Mayana and Reuben had the morning with my sister, and she did such a wonderful job of looking after them and preparing them to meet their baby brother. They had made cards and gifts, been bathed and dressed up in gorgeous outfits. Mayana had her hair done and even her fingernails painted! I had such anticipation for the pair of them arriving at the hospital and finally meeting Quinten – especially Reuben because I had absolutely no idea how much of all of this he understood.



I was not disappointed with the reaction from my two big kids! They both adored him on sight, and have continued to do so ever since.


We managed to tick all of the boxes to leave hospital on the same day that Quinten was born, and after sitting around waiting for doctor checks for me, and paediatrician and hearing checks for Quin, we were headed home by about 4.30pm.


I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to not have to spend a sleepless night at the hospital. To be in my own bed with my husband, my kids across the hallway, and my baby in his own bassinette.


Being at home so quickly helped me stay stress-free (I HATE staying at hospital) and adjust much more quickly. We also had visits from a really lovely midwife for the first five days that we were home, so Quinten was still receiving excellent care from the health system – even though he really didn’t need any kind of special care!


My mum had taken a week’s long service leave, and was such a help with the kids and with helping us find our rhythm and establish new routines and cleaning our house to within an inch of its life! I couldn’t have done it without her and she made our transition to life with three kids happen so much more smoothly.

Mum’s been gone for two weeks now, and I’m pleased to say we haven’t fallen off the wagon yet! I’m even still on top of my washing, and managing to sweep my floors at least every second day. I’m even fitting in a shower every day. And I’ve had Mayana at school, dressed and fed at least by the time the bell rings every single day haha.

So far I’m managing this three kids thing. I definitely have moments where I cannot figure out how to deal with three children when I only have two hands, and where Quinten wants a feed at the same time as Reuben has a dirty nappy and just spilled a cup of water all over the floor and Mayana desperately wants to read her home reader to me… but I’m managing. Prioritising, getting the big kids to help me out, and doing my best to not stress the small stuff. Mayana absolutely loves giving Quinten cuddles and he adores her, and I certainly use that to my advantage! Reuben is a fan of getting ‘Bubby’s’ nappies/wipes/dummies (still working on not touching the actual teat part) etc and I utilise that enthusiasm whenever possible too. Quinten is (so far…. touch wood) fairly cruisy and content and like both my other babies has settled himself into a pretty good routine. He feeds better than both my other kids did, and I’m hopeful for a longer exclusive breastfeeding experience this time with no formula top-ups or supplements.

Things are good! Not always easy, sometimes an adventure, but good. I love our family of five.



  1. Congratulations on your stunning son! Very cute little blog you have here.... I found it as I like to scroll thru the "next blog" button above. Just wanted to leave you a blessing.... May your home be filled with the peace of Jesus, may your hands be blessed at everything you put them to, may your family live out their very long lives in health and vitality and may Jesus be the center of your home. blessings


Thank you!!


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